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Gavin Redknap aka “Gavros”

Gavin Redknap aka “Gavros”

ALL THIS CAN BE TRACED BACK TO THE MOLLI DESI SAGA. THIS IS WHY I’M COUNTING ON THE POLICE AND COURTS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS.  Bullies like to tag each other. this has to end before any blood is shed.

I didn’t publish his comments on this blog so he got mad and posted my real name and other details, which were all lies including a link to a site a former neighbour started posting vindictive stuff about me.  It has only been removed recently after I tracked down the owner which wasn’t easy. His site is registered via a company in Panama. The the web host company, Dream Host did nothing, so I took on the task to find out who the person was. He had a lot to hide and removed the offending page.

The former neighbour is pedo who was taking pics of my then under age nieces, yet the police did nothing. His then wife was the main instigator a horrid Sudanese refugee whose face I wished I had kicked, for all the trouble they put me through.

The true face of liberal white middle class kuntts in Hackney. He post stuff on online message boards using an alias, things he wouldn’t dare post on Hackney Hive or other Hackney related sites (where he uses his real name)….and you wonder why I don’t trust them. He’s not so brazen now he’s  no longer anonymous. Hey Gav, you keep omitting that it was YOU who posted my name on line and then proceeded to mock me. I guess karma is a mofo, innit?  How do ya like me now Gavin? I’m posting your details on line…deal with it.

His whore reminds me of a gal that worked for me.  She was in the medium price range ($ 500 an hour). Loved black d**k and c*m on her face.

Hey pee wee, can you satisfy the whore?

There again he did give a little away some months ago, when he posted this dismissive comment on this piece about Eko.

It’s hog roasting time.

Emails from Gavin…he’s shatin himself. Oh and he dialed 999 last night, can you believe he actually called emergency????

Gavin Redknap

9:16 PM (59 minutes ago)

to me
Do me a favour – i cant be bothered to go to the police and report you for posting my details online insinuating racism with no evidence whatsoever. I’ll give you half an hour then i’ll be onto the police. They know where you live, clearly.
Gavin Redknap

9:52 PM (23 minutes ago)

to me
OK now youve seriously escaled things. You will be hearing from the police tomorrow.
The thread he started about me  has been deleted. These are some of the things Gavin Redknap has to say about me on another thread:
Leigh Jim 1:28 Fri Jul 19
Re: Abuse, RIP
was this all to with that irate african bint?Gavros 1:06 Wed Jul 17
Re: Best and funniest tweet I read yesterday
Turning the question around for a moment, if all whites leave the country, how long would it be before it looked like Liberia or Zimbabwe?Gavros 10:00 Fri Jul 19
Re: Danny o’shea murder..
I think it was because i was the one who found her blog entry on us and linked back to here. I sometimes read her blog because although she’s clearly got something wrong with her she does occasionally throw out something interesting. Unfortunately for her, her little ruse of posting up racist comments and then harvesting the replies to prove that West Ham fans are racist was rumbled. Its that that’s made her go mad and post up all my details on her site. Thank god hardly anyone actually reads it.

This one is funny 🙂

joe royal 10:08 Fri Jul 19
Re: Danny o’shea murder..
Gavros 8:54 Fri Jul 19
Re: Danny o’shea murder..
She also said your misses liked black d*ck , maybe you can sue for libelThen again maybe not

Gavros 10:26 Fri Jul 19
Re: Danny o’shea murder..
If (alleged) descriptions are anything to go by she’s still in an alcohol induced stupor and will wake up on a para trip believing were all about to invade her flat.

Gavin, mom and pop Redknap

Gavin, mom and pop Redknap

You asked for bikini and I have added the money shot.

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