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It’s time for some home truths and I AM NOT BACKING DOWN!

It’s time for some home truths and I AM NOT BACKING DOWN!

It appears the group out there in Homerton aren’t going to be happy until they put this uppity black bitch in her place.  I have news for them, they can kiss my black ass.

I was still in bed yesterday morning (blood pressure was high and was giddy) when I received a phone call from a person who identified herself as a  Detective Constable who wanted me to come in for a chat.  At first she was reluctant to discuss, but when I made it clear, I  was aware of what it was about, we talked.

If you recall, I have been very vocal about a group of  residents on Hassett Road in Homerton. You can read my last post here.

It came as no surprise, I was expecting the call, but what was so laughable were the reasons the officer gave me  for wanting me to remove my posts concerning the E9 Residents. She said I had named them and mentioned where they lived.  I had to remind her all that was already out in the public domain. Sarah Miller started a petition which she put her name on. Other people who signed it mentioned where they lived, besides I have never mentioned their door numbers.

Here are a few that signed their Hassett Road petition:


about 1 year ago
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I live on Hassett Rd and have complained to Hackney Council about this illegal hotel two months ago but heard nothing back. It’s insane that someone can set up a hotel on a residential street and gain planning permission despite the application being against Hackney Planning regulations and a previous enforcement notice to cease operating.

xxxx xxxxxx  Herbert LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (Paul Herberts young daughter)

about 1 year ago
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l can’t play in my street anymore with my friends because it is not safe. I miss playing out in my street a lot.

about 1 year ago
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Resident of Hassett Rd, and furious at Hackney Council’s hopeless response to this issue.


I learned my referring to them as white middle class was not only racist but also a form of harassment. I told her calling someone white middle class was not an offense and I had not caused them any distress. She asked me how I would feel if someone brought my race into a discussion. I told her it all depended on the context, but I expect to be described as nothing other than BLACK.

But the piece de resistance was when I was asked to remove the posts.  I responded  “It will be a cold day in hell before I do so”. Why should I? I’m entitled to express my views just as everyone else does even if certain members of the community aren’t pleased. People in Hackney NEED to hear the other side of the story, not just what E9 group yahoos have to say.  I’m also aware that the rag tag E9 Residents group (which consists of Sarah Miller and her friends) aren’t the only ones. Cllr Chris Kennedy and Hackney Council are instrumental in getting the police involved.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of these people with their sense of entitlement thinking only their views matter and seeing themselves as gate keepers.  Hackney is now a stinking pile of whinging people like them, who protest just about everything.  They all have their pet projects, protesting Nando’s ,  a black church, a Sainsbury development,  or a pub.

Protesting is fine, just don’t you dare tell me I can’t voice my opinions or think you are any better than I am. You may hob nob and include town Councillors amongst your close friends, who you use to influence your concerns, but it doesn’t mean you have an edge over me. I am just as relentless as you are.

Yesterday Lola Okolosie wrote an outstanding piece in the Guardian about Martha-Renee Kolleh, the black cafe owner in Ossett, Yorkshire, who at the end of her tether posted a message on her cafe door.

Okolosie also cited her own frustrations and Hackney got a mention:

Let us not, however, pretend that such racism only exists in sleepy northern towns and villages. Buying a birthday card in an upmarket gift shop, on one of the most fashionable high streets of Hackney, “one of the most racially diverse areas in the UK”, I was “unseen” when a cashier attempted to serve a white customer before me. This despite the fact that I was at the counter, with my wallet in my hands. We are either all too visible or conveniently invisible.,

I totally get where she’s coming from.  I experienced the same thing from the proprietor of a local independent book store a few years ago. I’d ordered books from this store and was always met by a dour faced not friendly owner. After 3 visits I never went back again. I don’t think this person realised I was the same person who had offered her  an introductory free month display advert on what was a newly launched 3 years ago.  I contacted the owner after the month was up to ask if they wanted to continue and even after two emails, I never received a response.  The same goes for the owner of an over priced delicatessen on what’s becoming Hackney and East London’s trendiest road. Not even the courtesy of a no thanks.

And you want to know something else? When I launched Hackney Hive, my younger brother who has lived in Hackney since he was 3 yrs old,  told me not to reveal I was black and he had his reasons, although I didn’t agree with them. Being black is one thing being, unapologetic, assertive and politically incorrect is another thing and it makes lily livered liberal Guardianistas feel uncomfortable. Unlike the less genteel and less educated who will call you a n****r and probably spit in your face,  liberal lefty white middle class inhabitant is more likely to deal with you more subtly.

Well folks, I could sit and chat with you all day, but I have things to do, places to go and people to terrorise 🙂

See y’all around Buckaroos……..

Hackneys Gentrification

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