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They feel harassed by me???

They feel harassed by me???

In the past, I have used a drug bust that took place in a building I lived in many years ago in Los Angeles, as a way of illustrating my attitude towards curtain twitchers.

One day a new neighbour introduced himself to me in the elevator on our way up to the 3rd floor. He had recently moved into to the condo across from me and didn’t lose time getting into gossip. There was the drummer who lived next door who slapped his girl friend around. I wasn’t aware of that. He was shocked I wasn’t aware of  the Colombian drug ring bust that went down some months earlier, in the condo he just started renting.  It was literally on my door step. Apparently it was big, big enough to include the DEA and even made it to local news – all which I was oblivious to.

My youngest brother, who is 13 years younger than me, would fly out from London to spend his summer school holidays and some Christmases with me in LA.  When I told lil bro who was only 14 at the time, he wasn’t surprised. “it was obvious what was going on” he said.  He explained the apartment was, sparsely furnished and they were hardly there. According to my brother, they looked like they were straight out of central casting. He knew all this at 14? Hell, he was from Hackney what do you expect. How did he know? He was able to see inside their condo while talking to one of the men.

Me? What would I have known? It was a lovely upscale building in Sherman Oaks, a nice part of the San Fernando Valley and I was busy getting on with my life.  What I’m trying to say, is I don’t give a rats ass what my neighbours are up to as long as it doesn’t involve crimes towards children or anything that impedes in the quality of my life. I just don’t get people who go out of their way to make life difficult for others, just for the fun of it.

I detest cowards, liars and bullies and that is what those banditos are on Hassett Road. I have documented their many Shenanigans on this blog and you will find links below.

It didn’t come as any surprise when Naveed Mir, the owner of Silk House Hotel told me last week “they” (the bandits on Hassett Road) claim they felt harassed by me. Actually it came via Cllr Chris Kennedy in an email to Naveed.  “They feel harassed by Duchess (he used my real name) and the reason that you have fed details about them“.

Let’s get something straight here, when Cllr Kennedy refers to “the residents”, he isn’t speaking for all the residents of Hassett Road, just a small core group who who are Sarah and Andrew Miller, Holly and Sam Knight, Paul Herbert and Katy Beale, who have led this campaign against the hotel. Most of the residents E9 Residents Group claim to represent, couldn’t give a toss. In fact some have been quite supportive, with a few inquiring about room availability for visiting family and friends. A few didn’t have a clue what the building was being used for. Imagine that! Kennedy has been the two faced one in this palava. As a member of The Hackney Society  and a Cllr for the borough, he has taken sides and has a close friendship with the Millers and Knights.

Not a week goes by without Naveed receiving some type of notice or complaint from various council departments – all instigated by this loathsome group. Sarah Miller isn’t bright enough to understand every minutia of planning regulations and other council rules. It would take a councilor and people concerned with heritage buildings to guide her.

Some residents  have recently admitted they were harangued by Ms Miller and her crew into signing petitions and were led to believe having the hotel on their road would spell doom for everyone. Some were told to worry about child grooming, prostitution and peeping Toms.  One petition signer wrote:

geraldine mulvany LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

    about 1 year ago
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The hostal/hotel is near a primary and secondary school. My fears are they may preem young vunerable children into crime, whether it be drugs, sexual or other forms of crime.

Many of those who signed the petition don’t even live in Hackney never mind near Hassett Road, they were from all over the country and as far away as Australia. Many were friends and family members of the group, that alone should have invalidated the petition.

The group also made it clear they would prefer squatters in the building rather that it’s current use and Holly Knight and her husband told Naveed they didn’t want his type around there, when he knocked on their door to speak with them. More recently and soon after the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich and the many attacks on Islamic centers, mosques and businesses owned by Muslims or Asians, Paul Herbert tried it.

Everything I have stated are facts that can be backed up. I blog and also involved in the running of These ass wipes are just pissed they never got their way last year.  They should learn to run a proper campaign like other local groups such as Hackney Planning Watch , Open Dalston and Stokey Local. I may not always agree with them, but they do things the grown up way and don’t lower themselves to what these yahoos have.

If they had any good intentions they would carry out their campaign openly. Their website hasn’t been up-dated since last summer, not since I first exposed them for the slime balls they are. They went so underground that what was to have been a community meeting at a nearby community centre, was cancelled and instead was held at one of their homes with just a few selected residents invited. There is never any chatter on Twitter about Silk House hotel from the E9 group members, why? Why all the secretiveness? If they have valid reasons why not share it with the rest of Hackney.  These sons of bitches obviously have something to hide.

Harassed? Do they know the distress and alarm they have caused to the staff of Silk House? One of Naveeds cousin, a burly 16 Stone man, told me going to the hotel was stressful, he never knew what to expect, talk of alarm and distress. My blogging the truth on here and writing about it on Hackney Hive is merely informing the community, not harassing Sarah Miller and her cohorts.

Shame on Hackney Council for responding to every single nonsensical complaint from E9 Resident group and shame on Cllr Kennedy too.

Naveed Mir hasn’t been without fault. He was slow and lax in responding to council compliance’s, deadlines and usual bureaucracy bullcrap, things that may have gone unnoticed if E9 Residents with the help of at least one Councillor were not all over Silk House affairs like a bad rash, waiting for him to make a slip. He and his planning consultant are taking care of matters and I hope everything is resolved soon. He recently expressed to Cllr Kennedy, a desire to meet with the E9 Group.

They declined and its not the first time. Probably because it would be proven Sarah Miller the force behind all Naveeds anguish. Her husband is busy with his career as an Editor, Katy Beale seems to have taken a back seat, allowing Miller to do all their dirty work, Holly and Sam Knight have rented out their home and currently living it up in Australia (her homeland), where they and their children have taken to the high seas on a nautical adventure. Paul Herbert, the poor excuse for a man is too chickenshit to face Naveed man to man.

Sarah Miller, go ahead, make my day, knock yourself out and file charges against me for harassment. You tried 3 times last year and I’m sure still finding a way to stick it to me.  Hackney Police and CPS don’t exist to sooth bruised egos, wipe the asses and babysit bored white middle class housewives with unfulfilled lives.  But if they see fit to do so, I look forward to it.

Frankly, I’m tired of the likes of Miller and her type in Hackney. We all have a voice not just them.

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