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Sponsor a Scholar Mark Lancaster wannabe pimp and creepy voyeurist, pleads guilty

Sponsor a Scholar Mark Lancaster wannabe pimp and creepy voyeurist, pleads guilty

I imagine the reason,  Mark Lancaster plead guilty yesterday was to spare his wife and children the horror and humiliation of a trial. Men will always stray, but what he did was on a whole other level.  Besides, we didn’t need a trial,  his actions were played out on the video, secretly recorded by journalists from The Independent last December.

He plead guilty to Voyeurism – recording a private act contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and Trafficking persons within the United Kingdom for sexual exploitation contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003. I don’t get the trafficking charge, but I guess like the terrorism act, it’s far reaching and ambiguous.

IT Consultant Lancaster, who is 40 and from Horndean, Waterlooville, Hampshire was the fella who set up a website  last year, that was sort of meant to be an escort service, but he put a new twist on it. The pipe dream he sold to young female students was  the chance to make more than enough money to cover their tuition and expenses, via wealthy men who of course wanted a  return on their “investment” in the form of intimacy. Except he saw this as a way for him to live out his own sexual fantasies.

Thinking he was slick, he would respond to inquiries to his website, using the name Emma Forrester, who called “herself” “principal admissions secretary”. “Emma” would inform the unsuspecting gals, the next stage would be an interview with the “principal assessor” who in my words was the “quality controller”. His job was to shag ’em, test drive ’em for the “sponsors”, except there were no sponsors, the website and women were for his own gratification. Claiming they had been in business since 2006, “Emma” would explain that “John” was their most experienced assessor, who had helped 400 students achieve their immediate financial goals.  Lancaster’s  Sponsor A Scholar website had only been live for a few months last year.

The site is no longer available since


Police say over 40 people contacted Lancaster but he only met with a handful of women. He would rent corporate apartments, these are furnished apartments around London which are available by the week and invite the “applicants” back to the apartment for the “practical assessment” process of the interview. He met an under-cover journalist from The Independent at a McDonald’s in SE London and you’ll be happy to hear she declined his offer, telling him she needed time to think about it.

Another young woman wasn’t as cautious and went to his apartment, where she said she felt she was unable to fight off his advances. She told The Independent:  “Then he just kissed me before I really had time to think about it or ask any questions … and I just froze because I really didn’t know what to do. Then he started undressing me.

“I was in a different city, and he’d picked me up from outside the place and walked me in, so in my mind I was, like ‘I can’t leave right now because I don’t know where I am and if I do leave and he chases me, I don’t know what to do’. So I just froze and went along with what he was doing.”

And here’s the kicker, after all that effort, she received an email telling her she was unsuccessful and to re-apply in a couple of months.  That’s how devious this son of a bitch was (no disrespect to his mother).

On at least one occasion police say he fitted hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of the apartment and recorded sexual activity with one victim, without her knowledge.

He will be sentenced on July 19 at Southwark  Crown Court for voyeurism and trafficking people within the UK for sexual exploitation.

I occasionally read Lancaster’s wife’s Twitter whimsical and content tweets about tea, cup cakes, cutsey arts and crafts thingys. On the day husband was entering his guilty plea, the poor woman was still tweeting about tea, The Apprentice, Dr Who, daleks and most importantly her art and craft work she sells on a popular web site.

I guess that’s all she can do, having a husband cheat on you is bad enough. Finding out like millions via the media he is a degenerate perv and fraudster of the lowest denominator must be unbearable.



All smiles at the meeting with an undercover journalist at a South London McDonald’s.


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