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Danny O’Shea Murder: Christopher Nathaniel Paul Boadi found not guilty

Danny O’Shea Murder: Christopher Nathaniel Paul Boadi found not guilty

I had almost finished a post on the Danny O’Shea murder trial last Thursday, when the sandman came calling and I had to hit the sack. When I awoke the next morning,  every single post on this blog had been wiped out. Three years worth, gone.

Luckily I had back up as did my hosting company, so this here blog was restored. Unfortunately, the only thing that couldn’t be restored was my latest draft and I just couldn’t be bothered to start all over again. So here goes….enjoy.

By now you’ll know that Nugent Rowe, a 30 year old from Pinner was found guilty on Thursday 13th June, for the murder of  18 year old Danny O’shea. The following day he was sentenced to life. Sports Agent and music prompter Christopher Nathaniel, his business partner Paul Boadi along with 7 other defendants were acquitted of all charges which were; murder, manslaughter conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm.

One of  Nathaniel’s biggest fans, a fella that literally hero worships him, mentioned over the weekend that he (Nathaniel) would like to speak with me, hmmmmm… Then I noticed these tweets that made me feel a bit queasy. A kid is dead and all this fool can tweet about is this? Not even one word about Danny O’Shea or his family. One of the tweets shows Nathaniel kickin’ it, somewhere nice with a couple of fat cigars.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be kickin’ it somewhere nice had I been acquitted, but all the vulgarity about spending excessive amounts of money (which I don’t believe) is just perverse.

UPDATE:  The tweets have since been deleted and I’ve been receiving mixture of  cryptic messages and veiled threats from the dude at Cash City. Using the name Steve Weery, he has copied and posted one of my earlier post in a blog he set up as a support page for Nathaniel.


Christopher Nathaniel: First taste of freedom

I’m told Christopher Nathaniel wants to remove all negative things about him from the internet.  He was acquitted, but was a suspect and charged, that sort stuff NEVER leaves the internet.

Nugent Rowe - Guilty

Nugent Rowe – Guilty

A mother lost her son, siblings lost their brother… I believe there is never smoke without fire and that old adage about “No Honour Amongst Thieves” rings true. Everyone in that mini van cruising Canning Town for revenge that afternoon, all turned on each other, and the jury believed Nugent Rowe was the one who did the stabbing. Apparently they all read Pslams from a bible later that evening following the attack. Make what you want of that.

I’m thinking more of Julie Brewer, Danny’s mother and not Christopher Nathaniel and his co-defendants “victory”.  The following is a family impact statement from Danny’s mother Julie Brewer:


My son Danny was the youngest of my three children, weighing 10lb 1oz and two feet long at birth, he was also the largest of my children, a great big bundle of joy.

As a baby and small child he was so well-behaved and loved nothing more than doing whatever he could to please me. I used to tease him and say, ‘You’re the naughtiest of all my children’ and he used to look at me with his beautiful blue eyes and say, ‘I’m not naughty am I Mummy, them two (meaning his brother and sister George and Jessie) are naughtier than me’. Then I would pick him up and give him a big cuddle and tell him he was ‘the best behaved boy in the world’. Even when he grew up he still liked his mum to give him a cuddle, although not when anyone was looking.

He never left the house or ended a phone call without telling me he loved me and was always very protective of me and his sister Jessie. He was quite old-fashioned and gentlemanly in his ways towards girls.

How do I describe losing my son?

For a start I didn’t lose my son. My son was taken from me, he wasn’t ill; he was a fit healthy young man with a whole lifetime ahead of him. That all ended on the evening of December 2nd 2011 when he was murdered in my neighbour’s front garden, opposite my house.

Since that night my whole life has been a living, breathing, walking nightmare which no matter how hard I try and how hard I wish and pray I know I can’t awake from.

Only with the help of my partner Jim, my family, good friends and neighbours, my faith and my local priest Father John Armitage have I been able to cope with life without Danny.

Danny had a girlfriend Lisa who has two beautiful babies that Danny adored; he will never be able to fulfill that wish of having a loving settled home with Lisa and having children of his own. I will never be able to hold and cuddle Danny’s children like I held him.

And what of my other two children? Since this dreadful event has happened I can’t focus on them, I am not the mother I used to be and I feel that I never will be again because no matter what I am doing, my thoughts are always consumed by Danny.

George, my eldest son, has to live away from me because he can’t bear to see his mum upset and crying all the time. Where I would see George virtually every day, I now get to see him about once a month.

My partner Jim carries the burden of seeing me upset constantly and I can see by the look of him that he wants to take my pain from me and he feels so useless when he can’t. No one can, it is something I will have to bear for the rest of my life.

My darling daughter Jessie misses her baby brother so much. They were best friends and he used to spend so much of his time at her house. As much as I try I know in my heart that I have not been there as much as I want to for Jessie, I hope you can forgive me Jess.

I used to love having my grandchildren stay with me but it’s not fair on them to see their nan crying and upset all the time. Lauren, Jessie’s eldest daughter, is particularly upset at Danny dying, he was like a big brother to her and they would regularly argue and tease each other like brothers and sisters do. Lauren has become withdrawn and clams up whenever Danny’s name is mentioned and she will not discuss him. I am so worried for her.

Isabella, Jessie’s youngest daughter, was five-and-a-half when Danny was murdered and didn’t fully understand. But she was terrified that the ‘nasty men who killed Danny’ were going to come back and kill his brother George as well. We have had to make out that the nasty men were caught and locked up straight away. She is such a sweet caring little girl, when she comes to our house she goes straight to the little garden we have made for Danny and tells him what she has been up to and sings ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ winter or summer as she knows that Danny loved Christmas so much.

She loves us to tell the story about when Danny was 15 and we were decorating the house and that we would not be having a Christmas tree that year, Danny cried and got so upset that we had to give in and put the tree up. That was my Danny, a big, gentle, old, soft giant.

I know Jessie feels the same as me, she feels guilty that she is not the same mother she was to her daughters. Like me she can’t concentrate, where she would naturally spend evenings reading and playing with the girls. Now she has to force herself to do these things as she is constantly thinking of Danny.

I can see the pain in her face every time I look at her. My daughter is a fighter and will face any challenge given to her but this has totally drained her, her heart like mine is broken into so many pieces I feel it will never be fixed.

As for myself I still get panic attacks every day. I can’t walk out of the street, past the spot where Danny died. From my bedroom window I overlook the spot where he died and wish every night that I could see him just one more time, just a chance to kiss him, hold him and tell him how much I love and miss him. I imagine that I can still see him smiling with his cute dimples as he rides his bike up and down the street. But the reality is the only place I can go to see Danny is in the cemetery. I don’t know how I will get through the rest of my life having to visit my son’s grave, it’s not right. Danny should be visiting my grave, not me his, no mother should have to bury their child. The pain is just too much to bear.

God Bless You My Darling Danny xx

R I P Danny O’Shea Facebook

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