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More harassment on Hassett Road and the E9 resident group

More harassment on Hassett Road and the E9 resident group

At a time Islamic institutions and community centres are being attacked and burned down, I was saddened to hear that my friends at Silk  House Hotel in Homerton, are being targeted by a handful of residents on Hassett Road.

I have held back from saying anything for months, not wanting to stir things up and hoping the errant unelected community gatekeepers would come to their senses. But it hasn’t happened and the owners, staff and guests of the hotel have been continually harassed and intimidated by a loose group called E9 Residents, which is headed by Sarah Miller.

I presumed after planning permission had been granted, it was a done deal and Naveed Mir and his business would be left alone, but it wasn’t to be so.

I noticed even months after Silk Houses victory, some members of E9 residents still had posters in their windows protesting the hotels presence on their street. This was after they stated on their website they were willing to enter dialogue with the owner and seek to smooth things out.

Then more recently I heard their harassment had not stopped. Calls to the fire service, when they noticed a Barbeque on the grounds of Silk House, calls to Hackney Council because much needed repairs was being carried out to a room in the hotel, even report to say there were more than the legal occupancy amount allowed at the hotel. All allegations were proven to be untrue. Just one petty bullshit after the other.

A few weeks ago owner Naveed Mir told me the main door to the hotel and his car had been vandalized. While it can’t be proven it was one of the E9 Residents hoodlums, I’ll go out on a limb and say it was.

I have pleaded with Naveed to get a CCTV installed for the safety of his staff and guest and also report all incidents to the authorities. Eventually he installed a CCTV camera 2 weeks ago, only to have an angry Sarah Miller accost him telling him he could not instal security cameras on a grade II listed building.  I don’t know where he gets his patience from, but I don’t know if I could put up with the constant harassment.  I would break the law at some point.

This weekend while he was repairing the main door, Paul Herbert, a member of Sarah Millers tag team who lives about six doors away, came running over yelling (we think he was inebriated).

Cut a long story short, the proverbial shit hit the fan and the police were called. No charges were filed.

I am hoping Naveed pursues harassment charges against these hoodlums masquerading as genteel residents of a nondescript street in Homerton, who spend their days pontificating on cup cakes and other mind numbing white middle class pursuits on twitter.

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