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Oh stop with your liberal righteous indignation, the coming revolution, racial abuse in Dalston

For the  record in case you were not aware, I am half Nigerian, born in North London and until I was 16, lived in both Nigeria and Britain. I should also warn you  this is one of those combi blog posts, that cover related but different topics… Look at it as a drive by blog  post. Bang bang bang!

Are you as  bored as I am of these YouTube videos depicting drunk and mentally Ill people in full throttle, “racially” abusing random strangers on public transport?  Are non ethnic people in the UK only realizing minorities endure this crap everyday? It’s just another day in paradise people, it doesn’t bother me, get over it and calm the f**k  down.  You  have two options; you laugh in the persons face or kick the sh*t out of them.

Some weeks ago I was sent a video of another loon cussing out some Kurdish shop keepers in Dalston.  Whoever sent it seemed pretty outraged Me? I yawned (again).

Personally I never come across racial abuse. I have been self employed in some form or the other for 24 years, so discrimination at work or not getting a job because of  the colour of my skin is not a problem. I’ m not saying it’s never happened, but it’s been decades and even then I can count on one hand. Occasionally I’ll get a raised eye brow because a client didn’t think I was brown, maybe I’m supposed to sound a certain way. They are very few and in between.

I’d say any discrimination I have endured in recent years have been at the hands of institutions such as the Met Police. Despite all their training, they still don’t recognise an outraged black woman as just that…to them I’m a threat or a danger. A danger because I stood up to an evil neighbour who was making my life a misery?

The pièce de résistance?  They arrested me for calling another black woman a nigger. Yes, an East African who came here as a refugee, married a white dude (you know the type who hate their own and their own colour) and for some reason took an instant dislike to me, despite me not ever saying a word to her. Britain you are one f****d up country this is   how you deal with racism?

The husband, an Irish pedophile and and latent closet homosexual, is able to remain in the closet by marrying what looks more like a skinny black boy instead of a woman. Oh dear, I’ve gone into another frenzied angry rant mode. I’ll go into my ordeal with those lot and 3 arrests in less than 2 months because of  them, in another blog post.

What this blog post is about, is the faux outrage that seems to have gotten everybody creamin’ their panties.

LBC has used yet another YouTube of another drunk nutter on the overground as their lead story on their news all afternoon, obviously, trying to cash in on the burning down of the Somalian Islamic Community Centre in Muswell Hill and raise more hysteria. This is the same radio station that employs former Fleet Street tabloid journos like Nick Ferrari   and has no minority presenters. Oh and they have racist and known email hacker Andrew Gilligan, as a guest/stand-in presenter when needed. I’ve always thought Bonnie Greer would make a great addition to what has become a rather   drab, lackluster,  predictable and uninspiring team at LBC Radio. It’s a rare day I listen to a complete show these days. I  wonder if Ms Greer would be up for the gig . . .

I haven’t watched the latest video yet, but I bet it’s it’s no different from the others and I’m not loosing any sleep over it. If one of them were to approach me, I’d either laugh at them or throw then on the ground and stomp on them until I was dragged away.

They don’t bother me. What worries me more is the division I see growing on Hackney, brought on by gentrification and a council who would rather sell Morning Lane to the Chinese.  People are being marginalized.

Enoch Powell must me doing whoopee! somersault’s thinking his prophecy might be coming true. The government and police know it’s going to be a summer of discontent. The Etonians have fucked up, Islamic fanatics and racists are doing their best to whip people up and cause unrest and I’m afraid they may succeed, thanks to the clueless Etonians and the previous government.

The proverbial chickens are coming home to roost.

¡Viva la Revolución! I’ll meet y’all at the palace gates with jollof rice and and a bottle of my favorite  Patrón Tequila.  Remember to bring the ice.

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