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Tulisa: Some times stupidity should be a crime

Tulisa: Some times stupidity should be a crime

To this day when a car is behind me for too long, I become suspicious and lose it. After 15 years of running an escort service and playing cat and mouse with undercover vice cops in Los Angeles, I became conditioned to be very wary of people, even some I knew and called ‘friends’.

Poor silly Tulisa could have applied that strategy. She babbled, now she’s busted and taking her drug dealing buddies down with her. Actually the only person going down, will be her buddy, Mike GLC (what kinda  name is that?) Tulisa will most likely get a slap on the wrist or at most a caution.

Just like Kate Moss she’s a pretty white girl and she’s famous. The Black dude will do time. Cops must have been licking their chops and creamin’ their panties when The Sun dropped that one in their laps. Besides, he’s going to take the fall for his friend Tulisa, whose only crime was being stupid. Anyone who has done drugs at some point has arranged a buy for someone else, even though they may not exchange money.


One of my trusted coke connections back in my other life was a well off realtor, who sold homes to some of California’s best known sports people and other celebrities. There were occasions I introduced him to new clients looking to score, but unlike Tulisa I never got set up or caught.

I only became aware of the Sun expose yesterday afternoon after her arrest (apparently it was news all weekend), and heard the audio of her dumb bragging to none other than fleet Streets sleaziest ‘investigative journalist’, Mazher Mahmood. She obviously didn’t recognize him.

How did she get to feel so comfortable around these guys she was speaking to, that she bleated out all she did? Unfortunately the tape nor the expose paints the whole story as I  am sure it was heavily edited.

Mahmood isn’t a journalist, he’s a filthy scumbag who preys on people in the most devious way, only to have his “work” and his victims shame and destruction, splashed across lowbrow tabloids.

I thought he was pretty much a relic of the past along with The News of the World, but he’s still going strong.


Ain’t nothing but a G thang.

As for Tulisa, I don’t know much about her and wouldn’t recognize her if I ever ran into her. Nor would I recognize any of get music. She’s just proof that you can take the girl out of the Ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out if her.  You would  have thought she’d have enough street smarts to not go blabbing.

I learned in my old business you trust no one. Unlike in the UK where law enforcement pretty much leave escorts agency owners alone, in most parts of the USA being convicted of promotion of prostitution or pimping and pandering carries a minimum mandatory sentence of there year in prison.

I had female undercover cops try to apply to be escorts on quite a few occasions, but I found the longer they talk, the more it becomes apparent, and in some cases I would ask them to take their clothes off, I mean down to their panties. Of course the undercover cops always declined.

The same applied to male vice cops who would call on a regular basis from various hotels. If a prospective client was not known to me, I would carry out various checks, but most times it came down to my gut instincts. There was always something that gave them away.

Those Los Angeles vice cops were not the smartest. How did they end up arresting me? That’s a whole ‘nother story that  started off in Iowa, a place I have never been to.  I thought I knew these people and had done business with them for over a year. Like Tulisa, our meeting when they flew into Los Angeles was recorded, but even more devastating, was that every conversation I had with them over a year, was recorded. LAPD Administrative Vice were aware of me before I moved my business from New Orleans to LA. What can I say, I was much younger and naive, it was just one of my many learning curves.

Tulisa will bounce  back..



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