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Fired? Hell no, AJ Clementes just got his lucky break

Fired? Hell no, AJ Clementes just got his lucky break

As far as US states go North Dakota is a s**t hole. The best thing about being there is leaving the damn place. But what do you expect…It’s stuck between Winnipeg Canada, Montana and Nebraska.

You pays your dues and in broadcasting it means starting at the bottom of the market and you don’t get more bottom market than Bismark, North Dakota. I checked and Bismark, isn’t included in the top 100 television markets in America although armpit towns such as El Paso and Waco, Texas are. What does that tell you?

If you haven’t heard of AJ Clemete also known as AJ Borerro (maybe he thought Clemente sounds better for his career), he’s been big news on the internet since his first day on air gaffe. The first words he uttered were f*****g s**t

Some of us will screw up on our first day on a new job, but not many of our first words will get us  fired, but his employers had no choice. One complaint from a  listener and the FCC could hit the station with a fine a hell lot more than what they’d pay him over the  duration of his  contract.

The only reason a young thrusting buck like AJ Clemente would relocate there, would be for work and the hope of one day ending up in a more glamorous town and news affiliate station. Still, the good thing about having such an epic f**k up on your first day on the job and have it go viral, is that someone else will want you and I bet after he got fired on  Monday, he’s going to land quite nicely thank you. Brighter prospects are on the horizon.

Judging from his Twitter account, everyone wants a piece of him right now.  His time line is littered with tweets from journos and bloggers wanting to interview him and his first post faux pas appearance, will be on NBC’s Today Show this morning with the  stations prized peacock – Matt Lauer.  Matt by the way will be interviewing Americas biggest faux pas ‘Dubya’ Bush, on Thursday.


Clemete’s  gotten a lot of support on line. He’s online popularity has  soared and while I do’nt know how may  followers he had before his foul mouthed gaffe, it couldn’t be more than a few hundred. Late Monday night I saw it soar from 8,000 over 10,000.  It is over 12,400 and growing.

His college  professor Gina Martino Dahlia posted on her facebook page:

I was AA.j. Borrero(Clemente) television news college professor at WVU. Not only did he make an honest mistake, he’s a genuinely nice person and a good kid. AJ called me before he went on the air, he was extremely nervous as this was his first TV job right out of college. Of COURSE we tell our journalism students to ALWAYS assume mics are ON. Of COURSE we tell our students to NEVER use profanity on the air. But there’s no controlling “first time jitters” and “rookie mistakes.” AJ called me in tears right after the on air mishap. It was his first nite on TV, NO earpiece to “cue” him, NO producer in the control room to “cue” him, he looked up and the camera light was on. No excuses BUT an HONEST mistake. Period. I am proud to say I was his college professor, because at least he had someone to call and support him during a MISTAKE instead of kick him when he was down. This young man deserves a second chance to prove himself and allow him to pursue a life-long dream of being a journalist. So all you journalists and news directors out there who support AJ getting a second chance….PROVE IT! Hire him and give him the opportunity to showcase his passion for the profession.”


He may have gotten away with it at another station in a bigger market, after all he’s a young man, a broadcasting rookie,  straight outta college whose nerves got the best of him, but I have a feeling folks in North Dakota don’t roll like that.

Check out these other news anchors who were not fired for their foul mouthed mutterings. Ernie Anastos on an New York NBC affiliate station talked about “keep f*****g that chicken”.

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