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Cllr Abraham Jacobson’s kosher kitchen konspiracy

Cllr Abraham Jacobson’s kosher kitchen konspiracy



What strikes me most about Cllr Abramson Jacobson is his sheer arrogance, stupidity and pettiness, oh yeah the man is petty.  His latest outburst (and there have been a few of them) did not surprise me, it was business as usual for a man who has no business being a representative of the the residents of Cazenove ward.

I’ve been  given more plausible and sensible excuses by a five year old, trying to get out of mischief than this numpty pictured above, ever did, trying to excuse the behaviour of some members of his Orthodox Jewish community.  Of  course,  you can’t excuse discrimination but that’s exactly what he’s shamelessly attempted to do.

It began last week  after a woman tweeted about her experience with a local estate agents,who told her a particular  flat in  Stamford Hill would not be available to her, as the Landlord was only interested in renting his  flat to Jews. When she asked why, he told her because of  the housing shortage, young married adults were having to live with their parents.

A member of Stamford Hills Jewish Orthodox community and prolific tweeter of the most  inane, Shulem Stern  was  quick to respond and was defesive:

Jacobson added his tuppence worth by agreeing with Shulerm Stern posting:

Although he has since deleted a tweet that shows his contempt for non Jews, referring to them as “chazir eaters” which means “pig eaters” in Yiddish, you can see a  screenshot of  it and others below.





Cari played the conversation she had with the estate agent to me and it was truly shocking to hear an estate agent be  so nonchalant about direct discrimination, he didn’t even make an effort to hide it. As far as he was concerned, what they (he and landlord) was doing, was necessary.

So far they have not reacted  or  responded to an email from her,  informing them of her intention to take  it further.

Both Councillor Jacobson and Shulem Stern failed to acknowledge Cari’s statement on what the estate agent told  her, preferring to insert their kosher kitchen defense.

It’s not the first  time Jacobson has displayed his erratic debating style and contempt for others (he also has a temper) and I have blogged about him a few times. Jacobson’s denial appears to be in tandem with other ominous going on’s in Stamford Hill. From turning their head away from accusations of kiddie fiddling to abuse and total disregard for planning regulations,  there are pockets  who are a law onto themselves and Jacobson appears to be one of them. As you can imagine, he doesn’t like me very much and has often called me a racist.

But even more disturbing is the fact that Cllr Jacobson himself is an Estate Agent, who deals with rental properties throughout London. It makes you wonder.

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