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Phew! My dog doesn’t need to see a doggy shrink, but maybe I do

Phew! My dog doesn’t need to see a doggy shrink, but maybe I do


I thought my little 8 year old Jack Russell had issues and at first I had no idea what caused him to start this little game he’s been playing for the past week.

It’s actually not much different from what one of my brothers ( I have 3 of them) did when my mum was pregnant with my youngest brother. He was a “surprise” baby, 13 years younger than me and 7 years younger than my middle brother who developed mummy and jealousy issues after youngest bro was born. Until then he was the youngest child.

Middle bro would stand at the top of the stairs and call “mummy, mummy” until she left whatever she was doing, to attend to his whims, which was usually just a hug. It went on for about a month following lil bros birth.

There isn’t a new baby at home and I’m not anticipating one anytime soon or ever, nor has there¬† been a new addition cute puppy so what gives with his latest antics which involves him waiting behind a door and whimpering or yapping for me to open it? I mean all he has to do is nudge it with his nose, his paws, head or butt. Instead he barks to let me know he’s on the other side of door and expects me to get up from where I am sitting to let him through.

You see there is a little problem with my living room door and it won’t quite close, if I try to close it, it springs back just slightly.¬† He’s taken to standing on the other side and that’s when he throws his little tantrum. As adorable as it sounds, it got me thinking of what could possibly be going through his little head. It had to be psychological since Jack Russell’s are known escape artists and diggers. They’ll burrow through the smallest hole or gap.

Then it dawned on me, stimulation! That’s what it all came down to, so the past weekend found me playing lots of games with all three of them. I have quite a large back yard (and that’s not a euphemism for anything other than, I really do have a big back yard), so I set up the agility equipment that has been gathering dust, but that proved a little to challenging for me after a while as I’m suffering with a very painful bulging disc in my lower lumber spine.Besides, it started to rain so it was out with all the kongs and treat balls I could find. Surprising how many dog toys you accumulate over the years.

I chopped up chicken pieces to stuff in the kongs and empty fruit juice cartons, then scattered them around my home to the dogs delight. A few hours later they were shattered, content and sleeping like hogs. But it doesn’t end there, I’m making sure I keep them more stimulated with interactive games. Just walking them is never enough for energetic dogs like Jack Russell’s. I’m one relieved dog maiden.

What has the former Cat Stevens now known as Yusuf Islam got to do with my tale of woe? Just an excuse post a couple of my favorite tunes……


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