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Come Dine With Me Comes to Hackney and I’m concerned our very own Forrest Gump…..

Say it aint so Pauline


Pauline Pearce aka the Hackney Heroine, will once again see it as a way to extend her 15 minutes. I mean she did after all do Britain’s Got Talent and even bared her breasts for a photographer.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had to cringe watch her on our TV screens, or listen to her pontificate on radio shows and I hope it remains that way, but knowing Pauline and her Hackney Lib Dem pimps handlers, they’ll probably see it as another chance to thrust her into the limelight. I have no proof she has applied to be on the show, but being the media whore she is (and I mean that respectfully), it’s right up her ally. I did attempt to ask her, but she has blocked me from her twitter account and probably won’t answer my calls or emails. I wouldn’t dare approach her on the streets, as she looks like she could give me a good ass kicking  since I have never been a fighter, but the type that will come after you with a hammer when your back is turned :).

After over a  year of being the media’s favorite “go to for everything urban and black “, little has been heard of her of late, and it seems after last years 1st anniversary of  the summer riots of 2011, the media have gotten their worth out of her and poor Pauline is no longer being whisked to TV stations to mingle with major and minor celebs in the Green Room, before assaulting us with her presence on the box.

They all wanted a piece of her and like pimps in the night, the Hackney Lib Dems snatched her up, cleaned her up as best they could, while attempting to con people into thinking she was a viable contender to be a Councillor. She was anything but that,  especially after she made a display of herself on Mare Street  while campaigning

Not like they were the ones who had first dibs on her,  The Guardian smooched with her, blew smoke up her ass and whisked her off to the The Conservatives annual conference in Manchester in 2011, where she was definitely out of her depth. The people setting up Hackney New School placed her on their panel, I’m guessing to make it look more balanced and non elitist, but soon disposed of her. Since then a group of young white creative types in Hackney exploiting the riots, used her to launch a line of T-Shirts. All she got out of it  was crayons and a colouring book. Her role lately is to be a black mammy to some big glasses wearing, aspiring young Lib Dem activists who often tweet about her West Indian cooking.

And the pièce de résistance? Not sure who told Pearce she could be Britain’s answer to Oprah, but she appears to have her own cringe worthy on line “talk show”. Watch the video below, as she gets it so wrong about the ethnic background of some children involved in a UKIP/fostering brouhaha late last year.

I don’t know about you lot, but I’m really looking forward to the Come Dine With Me show airing on the telly. It’s been a while since I’ve watched an episode of it –  just got too tedious with all those obnoxious dinner guests, who if were at my home, I’d kick em out or thump them.

Pauline Pearce’s Blog


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