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Danny O’Shea murder trial starring Chris Nathaniel, Paul Boadi and Co rumbles on


It’s going to be a long one.  The trial as I mentioned in an update, is going to last until approximately mid May and that’s because all ten of them are being tried together.

Judging from the traffic to this blog, there is an awful lot of interest from all over the world, so I guess I ought to update right?

The prosecution maintains it was revenge that led Christopher Nathaniel, Paul Boadi and eight other men to drive to Canning Town in order to hunt down the perps responsible for stealing Paul Boadi’s mobile phone the previous week. Nathaniel and Boadi if you recall, were agents of sorts, working with sports personalities such as Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Usain Bolt. At some point they have promoted shows for the likes of JayZ, PDiddy and Usher.  Check out the badly designed company web site.

O’Shea  was attacked and stabbed in the throat just steps away from his mothers home in December 2011. Nathaniel and his co-defendants have plead not guilty.

“The plan was to teach a lesson, a lesson with violence that you do not mess with Paul Boadi, Christopher Nathanial, or anyone else. When it came to it, the plan was carried out with speed, with force and with zeal.”  Says  the  prosecutor.

The court was told eight of the men hired a mini bus to get to Canning Town, while Nathaniel and Boadi took a taxi, where  they all searched for two hours for the men who attacked and robbed Boadi of his cell phone, when they ran across O’Shea.

A witness who saw the attack and robbery on Boadi, described his attackers as all black and late teens to early twenties. O’Shea was 18 and white.

Trial continues







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