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Why as a straight black woman, I don’t give a toss what Julie Burchill says about transsexual’s?

The online hysteria, backlash and even death threats over what Suzanne Moore wrote went over me last week. So much so that I never read the piece until the 4th day of the brouhaha, after feeling compelled to read, after her buddy, Julie Burchill waded in with her response in the Observer. It was the first thing I’d ever read by her, in fact until last week I had no idea who Burchill was.

I admit on my first read I giggled, mainly because I thought her over the top response was apropos to the equally over the top response that came from the transgender and ‘various feminists faction’ camps to Moore’s piece. My reaction on Twitter, led the notorious online provocateur, researcher and writer, Quite Riot Girl to ask if I agreed with Burchill. I told her I was leaving the argument to angry feminists, internet freaks, the chattering classes and literati of which I am not part of. But it got me thinking; should I be bothered? The answer is no. I’m a natural born female, I’m black and for 15 years I ran an escort service and scorned by some ‘fractions’ of the feminists fraternity.

They’re all in it together. To me this online warfare is just another example of vultures living off the same carcass. I’m seen as a whore and a pimp and in fact  been called those words by the likes of them. I’ve always been of  the believe that most of them couldn’t give a rats ass about real black women’s issues, they couldn’t even begin to understand the complexities. To these lot, my cause and that of black women of  the diaspora is just an empty slogan like a lot of the other things they like to shout out and re-tweet, it makes them feel they are doing something worthwhile.

Recently I was made aware of a quote from Burchill (boy, is she an equal opportunities hater or what?) “When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women, for the moral tarring and feathering they give indigenous women who have had the bad luck to live in what they make their humping ground”    I’m not catholic but I’ll say this, when Julie Burchill dies, I hope she lives in purgatory on her knees in hell, while blowing a pre-op transsexual.

And what was so offensive about what Suzanne Moore said?  It just goes to show  that people will politicise 3 day old dog poo given the chance.  I mean how in the world do you correlate a casual remark  describing  a Brazilian Transsexual body as the epitome of hotness, to transsexual murders in Brazil?  By the way, has anyone sent a memo to Brazilian Transsexuals, asking them what they think? As for Julia Burchill I don’t believe her deliberate use of descriptive epithets that some transgenders (and members of the angry brigade) found offensive, was directed at transgenders in general. They were aimed at the drama queens who fell for her bait.

I am friends with only one transgender (man to woman) and have known her for 10 years, a nurse who lives in Canada. Other than her, my only experience has been with pre-ops, who were a big part of my life for six years until 2003. I say ‘part of my life’ but that’s if you include your employees. Until 1998 I had never hired a transsexual escort. One of them convinced me to, and I never regretted it. OK, maybe a few of them were headaches, but on the whole, they were great gals who introduced me to a world totally foreign to me. Of the seven people around my dinner table on my first Christmas, in Texas, 3 of them were trans. We socialized, occasionally went clubbing and took out of town trips together and from them I learned of their earlier turmoils, courage and steps that led them to seek breast augmentation, hormone injections and for some, silicone shots to create a firmer curvier derriere and hips.

Admittedly they were a totally different breed from this lot of Twitter wackos, they weren’t into academic debates on feminism or transgender issues – nor am I as a matter of fact. None of them were Brazilians, they were mainly Latinos, but I do wonder what they would have made of all this.


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