Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to re-marry?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to re-marry?

If  it’s true, that will make Tiger Woods a bona fide pussy whooped fool. Almost 3 years after giving his ex-wife Elin Nordgren $110 million in a divorce settlement, sources are saying Tiger is set to cough up a ton more money. By sources, I mean the National Enquirer, whose own sources have told them he’s offering her a $200 million pre-nup  deal.  Not being a fool, Elin is allegedly considering the proposal,  providing he ponys up a further $350 million anti-cheating clause.

Before you cluck cluck and chalk it up to a cheap rag gossip, keep in mind it was the National Enquirer that originally  broke they story of his alley catting ways, not to mention a host of other breaking news and exclusives.

Before he ploughed into a tree, Elin allegedly swung at the windows of the Escalade.

According to the National Enquirer; “Tiger didn’t even balk at the demand. Even though his accountants think he’s crazy, he’s ready to sign the pre-nup and set a wedding date.

“The guy has never recovered from being dumped by Elin. He’s dated a lot of models and bimbos but none of them were more than a one-night stand.”

The Tiger appears to have a thing about holidays because according to the magazine he proposed over Christmas. If  you recall it was over Thanksgiving 2009 that Elin caught wind of his cheating ways and chased him into his top of the line Escalade, which he then proceeded to drive  in to a tree, while trying to escape her wrath.

The magazine’s source even reckons they’re bonking; “Tiger stopped by Elin’s rental house (she’s renovating an ocean front  $12 million North Palm Beach Estate) one afternoon when their kids were out with a nanny and they had sex for the first time since the split.

“It took them both by surprise but they’ve continued to find alone time when they’re both at their homes in Florida.”


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