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Alex Jones – Still crazy after all these years

Before every nutter and their momma had access to the internet, there was public access TV and it was on one of those channels I first watched Alex Jones in total disbelief some time in 1998, while living in Texas. His demagoguery back then didn’t appear all that unhinged, and his set was wonky with a dingy curtain hanging from a droopy rod, from which he’d appear from behind at the beginning of his show to spout his angry paranoia.

As with most of what public access had to offer, I ignored Alex Jones only to have my aural sensory further assaulted by him on a local FM radio station. His brand of insanity didn’t last long there, and he was soon booted off KJFK.

FastĀ  forward 14 years and Alex Jones is thriving with even more ‘believers’ while making some serious mulah from his brand of demagoguery via the internet and airwaves.

While Englanders (yes I know there is no such term) have had a whale of a time putting the boot in Jones and cheering on his adversary CNN’s Piers Morgan, who incidentally is the man Brits love to hate, may I remind y’all of the BBC’s John Sweeney who did it even better in 2007.

If you recall, Sweeney fell apart like a cheap suit while being confronted by calm Scientology honcho, Tommy Davis. Damn, if Scientology can have this effect on a BBC reporter, where do I sign up?

As you were,

The Duchess xxxxx


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