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I’m with Diane Abbott and she’s not the only one calling for control over fast food outlets

She couldn’t catch a  break either way over the weekend. Far right, liberals, conservatives, haters and internet freaks all put a boot in. Some of the comments were so blatantly racist, that I’m surprised  the Guardian allowed  them. The Telegraph is another story.

Controlling the amount of these greasy fried chicken joints is up there with curbing the numbers of  betting shops and pay-day loan sharks on our less affluent high streets, and it’s not a new idea.

How soon y’all forgot what happened in 2009, when an ambitious Labour Councillor in Waltham Forest, Clyde Loakes,.shut down a Caribbean take away. Police, in bullet proof vests, council members and a media entourage invaded The Bamboo Joint on Leytonstone High Road, making it clear they had a three day notice to shut  the much loved Caribbean food take away. Loake’s boasted, they had things so sewn up, they [Bamboo Joint] would never be able to open up. This was despite the business reopening just a few weeks prior after a total refurbishment that included new machinery and fixtures. Just like that, they ruined a small black business with no good reason. As usual they picked on the weakest link.

You see Waltham Forest enacted a new law that banned fast food outlets from opening within 400 metres of each other, schools, parks and leisure centres in a bid to battle childhood obesity. But this time they  got it wrong. Bamboo Joint Caribbean Food wasn’t a fast food outlet , Caribbean food  is anything but fast food. It’s not free of guilt and what is served in restaurants can be high in sodium, but it can’t be compared to the cheap n easy pile em high and sell em cheap fried chicken/pizza shops that have become a blight on our streets. The Bamboo Joint was never the first port of call to school children who don’t spend £5/6 plus, on a plate of rice and peas with whatever their choice of meats. They go to where £1.50 can get them tons of deep fried chips and a drumstick.

Nothing wrong with them doing business on our streets, but when you can find up to 6 of the same type take-outs on one block and always in less affluent areas, you take a stand and while the horse may have bolted, if it can stop others from opening, I say;  RIGHT ON! Whether it will influence peoples eating choices is another thing.

The vultures media, even though some reported on the 2009 Waltham Forest fast food ban, didn’t mention it over the weekend, but preferred to shred Diane Abbott to pieces, while cruelly going to town on her weight.  Shame on you Brendan O’Neill in the Telegraph.

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