The Diane Abbott and Kim Kardashian non story

The Diane Abbott and Kim Kardashian non story


Diane Abbott was in for a  right old shellacking yesterday, following an interview she gave that covered a multitude of  things ranging from her plans to curb the opening of fast food joints in neighbourhoods to tighter control over children’s access to the internet. Like vultures, the press and assorted commentators scavenged over her interview and picked at certain points to jeer, ridicule and lambast. Nothing new eh?

As predictable as flies swarming over warm dog poo, you can be sure there will be a  desperate hack looking to make hay of Diane Abbott’s faux pas, no matter how  trivial or of low relevance it is. Although the tweet  was sent on New Years Eve,  I only became aware yesterday morning, when an email came blazing into one of my inbox’s (not  associated with this blog) with the subject : “Breaking News: the tweet Diane Abbott didn’t want anyone to see”.

Then introduction read : Please find below a link to an article on Diane Abbott’s recent tweet which was deleted after only a moment and not picked up by anyone. The Tweet was in response to Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and will most likely get her in trouble.  Well it didn’t get her in ‘trouble’ so there.

Nicola Keaney,  the young City University journalism MA student, who sent the email with a link  to her blog, probably thought she was on to a winner, sort of like the “divide and rule” twitter shenanigan that saw an unknown black blogger and writer, being courted by the press and thrust into the limelight by  the frenzy that ensued. That writer Bim Adewunmi, came out of  it OK, gained  a ton of  new Twitter followers and still enjoys the occasional bone being thrown by the Guardian. Does anyone get paid for writing for comment is free?

I bet  the sender of the email saw herself on Sky News later that evening,  maybe later commenting on other TV news. Instead her mission to involve Abbott and herself in controversy was a dismal FAIL.

A few days ago, the announcement came that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s child. As expected, there was as much criticism of the couple as there was congratulations. Nonetheless, one woman’s viperous comments stood out.

Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington and shadow Public Health Minister, couldn’t contain herself upon hearing the news and decided to tweet “Kim Kardashian having a baby by Kanye West? He needs to listen to his own lyrics”. Abbott accompanied the tweet with a youtube link to Kanye West’s video “Gold Digger”. Within a few minutes, Abbott had removed the comment after criticism came from several tweeters.

What is most shocking about Abbott’s comment is that it demonstrates a clear lack of female solidarity, compassion and/or empathy for what should be extremely joyous news for a woman. Like the majority of mindless comments that were thrown towards the pregnancy news, Abbott’s tweet demonstrated the double standards by which we live  where it is acceptable and expected to congratulate Kate Middleton on her pregnancy but someone “less deserving” receives only criticism. Did the habitually outspoken MP believe it was ok to critique the pregnancy on the basis that Kim Kardashian would never see the comment? or was it acceptable because Abbot has never met the reality star? I expect a lack of support for the nuclear family is not a message Labour is also behind.

Whatever her motivations, Abbott’s loose-lipped comment and subsequent removal indicates the viperous nature of some women in politics who disregard the important role they play in representing both her constituency and Labour supporters. Interestingly, if a male counterpart had tweeted such a thing, women everywhere would be up in arms criticising his callous and inconsiderate comment and rightly so.

It should be cause for concern that Abbott’s  first instinct was to criticise and post a music video with several derogatory, anti-female terms but it is also quite surprising that she felt aligning the self-made, financially stable Kardashian sister with label “gold-digger” was somehow a clever thing to write.  Suggesting, as she was, that the sole purpose of the pregnancy was to ensure the Kardashian more financial security.

What a cynical  claim from someone who more recently caused outrage when, commenting on the Stephen Lawrence murder trial, tweeted ‘White people love playing divide and rule. We should not play their game’.
And we’ve let this woman have a hand in our multi-cultural, multi-gendered society? Whoops…

Keaney, (bless her  cotton socks)  made several attempts to engage  Abbott and others at least 4 times via Twitter but again it was an Epic FAIL.

Female solidarity my ass. I’m sure like a lot of others, Diane Abbott has an opinion on the grotesque family also known as the Kardashians and probably realised that unlike you or I, she can’t always blather out the first thing that comes to her mind, in  public. She realised how her comment would be received by her detractors and deleted it. End of story. Nothing to see, move on.

Better luck next time Nicola, your big break will come some day…..keep on truckin’…..

The clean version of Gold Digger. Enjoy!

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