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People call this racist and are offended?

El Hadji Diouf and the kid

The media appears to be blowing up another non story about a 10 year old kid dressed up as his football hero and people are finding it offensive. As a black woman I kind of see how the throw back to black and white minstrels could offend, but isn’t it all about the intent? Besides just having the little Mohican strip atop his head wouldn’t have identified his hero, Leeds United striker, El Hadji Diouf. What’s wrong with a little black over?

Anyone finds Katie Price, or the TOWIE ensemble or the big breasted fake tanned WAGs racially offensive? I was over in Buckhurst Hill and Romford, just before Christmas and mistook a few over-tanned white chicks for  mixed race or Asians.

And another point on the “black over”. How come people don’t get offended over black women straightening their hair, spending millions (collectively) on hair extensions that is nowhere near the texture of their own hair.  Let’s be honest, some of us look downright ridiculous with fringes and blond hair. Just sayin”.




I did find Mo’s photo shopped blond locks hilarious though.

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