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Mark Lancaster Sponsor A Scholars “assesor” arrested and questioned

Lancaster at his Hampshire home earlier this month.

I have been preoccupied with Christmas and work so a bit behind with writing about stuff.

A couple of weeks ago Mark Lancaster, the skanky predatory sexual deviant was finally arrested.  According to The Independent  who carried out an undercover investigation and were the first to break the story,  Lancaster, 39,  was arrested at a Milton Keynes address by the Metropolitan Police’s Trafficking and Prostitution Unit.

This douche bag as you may recall, set up a web site called which he used to mislead hard up young female students. I had the impression it was an escort service of sorts, but judging by reports and accounts from a few ladies, they never got any work from him. Instead it appears to be his own private access to women.

The computer consultant and married father of two’s website promised students up to £15,000 towards tuition fees by being intimate with wealthy business men, however before they were given the chance, they had to undertake  “a practical assessment” with him at various service apartments he would rent. One potential candidate did just that, but was told she was unsuccessful and to reapply in a few months. Just based on that incident, I hope they throw the book at him.

Police took away materials including a computer from the Milton Keynes address he was arrested at and the home he shared with his wife and kids in the village of Horndean, Hampshire.  After questioning, he was released on police bail and will return to Charring Cross police station in February to answer bail.

Following my  blog post, I received 15 emails from women interested in working as escorts. From what I could tell they were all first timers…I’ll  discuss in another post soon.


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