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Sponsor a Scholar Mark Lancaster, identified as married IT consultant

A disheveled looking Mark Lancaster at his home near Portsmouth. Photo: The Independent.

The man behind the website that purported to offer students the chance to make up to £15,000 for tuition fees by being intimate with men, has been tracked down to his £460,000 large detached house in Horndean, a picturesque village  on edge of the South Downs National Park in Hampshire.

Mark Lancaster was videoed last week by  a reporter from Independent  who was posing as a student, as he told her she would need to undergo a “practical assessment” at a nearby flat to prove the “level of intimacy” she would provide clients. According to The Independent, the 39 year old father of two is an IT Consultant who has worked on a huge overhaul on the IT systems used by UK armed forces and has top level MoD security clearance.

This week, a tired and disheveled looking Lancaster (he must have been bricking himself waiting for that knock on the door), wasn’t as forthcoming with his schpeel and slammed his front door when confronted by reporters. University of Hull educated Lancaster, is also listed as the secretary of an IT consultancy registered to an address in Brighton. Its latest accounts show it this year made an operating profit of £74,000

Last week it was revealed one student who went to his apartment, felt she was unable to fight off his advances. She told The Independent:  “Then he just kissed me before I really had time to think about it or ask any questions … and I just froze because I really didn’t know what to do. Then he started undressing me.

“I was in a different city, and he’d picked me up from outside the place and walked me in, so in my mind I was, like ‘I can’t leave right now because I don’t know where I am and if I do leave and he chases me, I don’t know what to do’. So I just froze and went along with what he was doing.”  And here’s the kicker, after all that effort, she received an email telling her she was unsuccessful and to re-apply in a couple of months”.eg

He used the name of a London School of Economics academic and his former address in Stoke Newington, to register the website which has since been taken down.

Mark Lancaster is everything I thought he would be. I expected him to be married and sure enough he is a high earning professional. He was able to afford to rent service apartments in different locations and a well designed website. What he didn’t have were good intentions, his plans were nothing but criminal and I hope now that a file has been passed on to the Metropolitan Police, they charge him. Not that there is anything wrong with an escort agency, but sleeping with young women after telling them they have to be assessed and then informing them they were not successful, is just evil. Getting women who fell for the scam to come forward is another story. He’s also not very smart and was bound to be caught this way, because he’s not street smart…just another horny comfortable middle class toad wanting to exploit women. There are others like him who continue to thrive.

Wannabe pimp Photo: The Independent.

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