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Huffington Post: Fishy going ons, lies and very sneaky staff members

Pants on fire

Yes, you heard right.

It’s been a rather surreal 48 hours. It began last Thursday, when I was approached by one of Huffington Posts editorial assistants, after she read a comment I left on her post.  I answered questions she had, which she used in her post. A few days later after reading my take on the Sponsor A Scholar scam  crime, she asked if I’d like to blog for Huff Post, I said yes as long as I could write anonymously. She agreed it wouldn’t be a problem and they had done it in the past, so you can imagine my surprise after I submitted my piece yesterday, I was told she liked it very much, but was having problems “persuading the powers that be” to allow it to be published as The Duchess of Hackney.

She was however eager to do a write up as an interview, promising me anonymity. I said no, but agreed to use my initial and surname. Her next email said it was a resounding no and she again asked if she could write it up as an interview. I said no way. She wasn’t able to explain why, it still wont be published after I agreed to use my initial and surname name, all she was interested in was writing it up as an interview, under her byline, giving her credit.

They or should I say she, decided she liked what I submitted very much, but it couldn’t be done anonymously after all. Again she asked if I would allow her to write it as an interview,  which would make sure my anonymity  was in tact. She also said they’d be happy to have me blog when my book was published. When asked why she told me Huffington Post had other anonymous bloggers, she claimed  “I think that was a mistake, or an exception”.  After I pointed out Huffington Post had regular posts on the site by an anonymous gay blogger about his dating woes, I was informed that he was known quantity and already wrote for them under his name.

She came back with the offer to publish my post with initial and last name, but by this time I’d developed a bad taste in my mouth and I declined.  I was referred to another staff member  (a very contentious woman) whom I called. After asking about their anonymous blogging policy,  she told there wasn’t one and it was decided on an individual basis. Asked how they arrived at the decision involving me,  she said their American office wouldn’t approve it  and everything had to go through the US office first. I pointed out that I regularly wrote on another site using my real name and that it really wasn’t a secret.  I just don’t make it that obvious, I was verifiable. However, there is a reason I prefer to blog anonymously for the time being, until I get certain things in place.

To be honest, she began to irritate me and can’t remember much of what she rambled on about, but then she brought up Leveson.  I lost patience, told her to fuck off, called her a c**t and hung up. Yeah I know it was rude of me, I couldn’t give a fig. I hate it when anyone thinks they’re being clever and tries to get one over me. You can’t play a playa.

In fact between them and The Independent para phrasing me and writing things I never said, I’d rather write it myself. There was no way I was going to allow some Huffington Post kid from the shires, who doesn’t have the life experience, street smarts I do, nor any knowledge of the business I was involved in, to write anything about me.  It will be a cold day in hell before I speak to her kind again. I pretty much shoot straight from the hip and expect others to. For all the sympathy they displayed in regards to the Sponsor a Scholar scam, the Huffington Post staff really don’t give a hoot and have proved this, by trying to force me to give up my anonymity for the sake of sensationalism. Shame on them. Did they every consider  the creeps lifting my anonymity could attract? I already had one stalker 2 different police forces in Britain couldn’t do anything about, which lead me to tell them them, if he came anywhere near me I’d kill him.

UPDATE: The Independent or should I say, the journo I spoke to did the unthinkable…something very sneaky and nasty. It is now under review with the PCC and I will blog about it here when it is resolved. I will also post the piece I submitted to the Huff Post at some point here.


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