Those Aussie radio presenters don’t owe Kate or the Queen an apology

I roared with laughter earlier today when I read about this and later listened to it. But what’s with all the sourpusses?  Some are even calling it treason. Treason?  Good on the Aussies for getting one over. If the British weren’t so slavish to their monarch, the call wouldn’t have gone through, but the mare thought that a Brit in the presence of royalty, has them bopping up and down like monkeys.

The accents were awful but hilarious and combined with the incredulity  of them actually pulling it off, makes it all the more amusing.

I talked about the British and their adulation of these people in my Jubilee day post, earlier in the year. How do you explain your most ardent republicans, turning to mush in the presence of members of the royal family? Remember Vanessa Redgrave’s bowing and scraping at the feet of Kate’s husband, William at the BAFTA Awards? Gawd it was cringe worthy wasn’t it?

Any way, how stupid could the staff involved be. The switchboard girl could be excused, she sounded foreign and I could be wrong but her accent could have been South East Asian, the Philippines or that region. But the ward sister or whoever she was, sounded definitely indigenous British.

Prank phone calls are an art form and I’m happy to see it’s still alive.  It’s something my brother and I perfected as kids and while it is something I no longer indulge in, it’s not beyond my scope if the opportunity arises.

One prank call that stands out was, made to a police officer working vice, in New Orleans quite a number of years ago. I was awaiting trial after an arrest for promoting prostitution, when in the early hours of one morning, a friend and I decided to call him at home. As unbelievable as it sounds, this jackass was listed in the phone book and even more incredulous, New Orleans Police Dept (NOPD) actually used his apartment for a sting operation once.  I also knew someone who lived in the complex who confirmed his residence.

We must have got him at a weak moment (he was very drowsy), because he was able to tell us how many women he and the team had arrested that night, and mentioned one had to be hospitalized.

A few days later I received a phone call from my lawyer warning me to back off,  as one more call to him or any other officers would result in an arrest. There never was a trial because my lawyer arranged a deal. The charges were lowered and I was told to leave New Orleans if I intended to resume business or stay if I wasn’t . I got out of dodge and returned to Los Angeles.


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