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Dig out the buntings, the other Duchess is preggers

She’s gonna need more meat on her skinny bones

It won’t be an exaggeration to say what a bumper (yes I know) 18 months it’s been for bunting manufacturers and retailers. Just when you thought the vomit inducing exuberance, over optimism and patriotism Brits reserve for occasions like this was done and dusted, we hear the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Right on cue, soon after the kaffafle over the Jubilee and the Olympics, she gets knocked up. They’re determined to keep deluded Royalists happy.

Good for both of them but god damn, it’s going to be a hellish 9 months for the public and for people like me, who couldn’t give tuppence hapney about this family. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike them, I just abhor the notion of a monarchy in the 21st century as I mentioned in this piece.

I wish her the best and hope she doesn’t endure what my sister did during her first pregnancy. She too was hospitalized for the same symptoms Kate has, in fact she spent almost 3 months in hospital where my niece was born prematurely….it was horrible time for us.

Anyway, last time Kate made headlines, this blog melted as I was one of the first few sites with er…ahem those photos (I have removed them). 160,000 visits in one day….what do I care, I cashed the Google cheque already.

As you were.

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