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The worlds oldest profession, tuition fees, students, scams and Stoke Newington

Gotcha! The Assessor:  Mark Lancaster – wannabe pimp

A sucker is born every second which is why scammers exist. Until yesterday, he  went by the name of a London School of Economics professor in an effort to lure young women into sleeping with him, on the pretense, they could earn money for tuition fees from being intimate with wealthy business men he would introduce to them.  He has now been revealed as Mark Lancaster, a wannabe pimp, had the nerve to use the good professors former home address in Stoke Newington, to register his domain.

The independent appears to be getting it’s panties in a wad over it’s recent expose, reminiscent of the News of The World, but  I have news for them, it’s nothing new.  Men like Mark Lancaster are a dime a dozen in the capital – Grease balls who prey on vulnerable and desperate women in London in need of fast money.  When I ran my escort service, I would hear of agency owners (males) wanting to ‘test drive’ potential escorts looking for work, I never understood why they would agree to it but some did.

His website. promised students “Up to 100% of your Tuition Fees” in return for two-hour sessions with men in hotel rooms or private flats up to four times per term.

“Because of the considerable sums of money our sponsors are offering in scholarship, they tell us that they have expectations of a high level of sexual intimacy with their chosen student,”

A reporter applied, a meeting with Lancaster, who called himself an “assessor” was arranged at a McDonald’s in South London, where he suggested they go back to his nearby apartment  for a “practical assessment.”  She told him she needed time to think about it.

Another young woman wasn’t as cautious, went to his apartment, where she said she felt she was unable to fight off his advances. She told The Independent:  “Then he just kissed me before I really had time to think about it or ask any questions … and I just froze because I really didn’t know what to do. Then he started undressing me.

“I was in a different city, and he’d picked me up from outside the place and walked me in, so in my mind I was, like ‘I can’t leave right now because I don’t know where I am and if I do leave and he chases me, I don’t know what to do’. So I just froze and went along with what he was doing.”  And here’s the kicker, after all that effort, she received an email telling her she was unsuccessful and to re-apply in a couple of months.

The site is no longer available since exposed

To hear them (The Independent), you would think it was a new phenomenon,  but there has always been always been students who have funded their way through higher education by working in the adult industry. Throughout my over a decade of owning an escort service, a good proportion of young women who contacted me where students and many of them were not what I’d call desperate. The type of students who contacted me, were those who were not prepared to sling greasy hamburgers at a fast food joint, wait tables or work long hours in a shop for a pittance. Some just wanted a better standard of living and enjoy a degree of financial independence – which they did. Most f my experience with escort agencies have been in the US, although for a short while I opened up shop in London.

It’s been a number of years  since I’ve ran an escort agency, but I would imagine the increase in tuition fees could drive more students to get involved in the adult industry, not necessarily escorting, but lap dancing, phone sex or adult web cam and massage. But I’m not too comfortable with the assertions and ‘scaremongering’ that higher fees are making them take up sex work more, It’s convenient political hay for those opposed to higher tuition fees.

Click to read text from website.

It’s inevitable and a reflection of the economy  why women in greater numbers would turn to adult work as a way of supplementing their incomes.  It’s not just students, but women already in employment, looking to booster their salaries. It’s also a sign of the times, peoples attitude towards sex and prostitution have changed and it  is no longer as taboo as it was.  People are taking short cuts all around. WAGs see foot ballers as a gravy train to ride,  the untalented and mentally unstable gravitate towards ‘talent’ shows like XFactor and Brits turn their noses up at menial work creating huge opportunities for non indigenous Brits. Students today aren’t any different, why come home smelling of onions and limp hair from slugging it out grilling hamburgers, when you can can make £200 an hour and more and come home with shopping bags from upscale stores instead of Primark.

The internet has made adult work more possible and to a degree safer. You can have your own website set up in a nano second and network with other like minded folks online. There are forums and groups dedicated to “the hobby” as it is sometimes known. was a scam, I doubt he had the “sponsors” he claimed he did, it was just his evil way of getting to sleep with vulnerable women. Had The Independent not stop him in his tracks, there is no telling what he may have done. I mean anyone capable of that type of deception could get desperate enough in a bad situation, when alone with a girl who probably didn’t want to comply. Watching the video gave me the chills and I hope this is a warning to any young ladies contemplating an offer like this.

So You Want to Be an Escort?

Students or any woman contemplating doing escort work, should beware:

  • Sleeping with the boss is NEVER a prerequisite to being hired. Run a mile if this is expected of you.
  • NEVER pay any type of registration fee, many times this is a sign that it is a scam and chances are you will never get work nor will you receive any type of refund.
  • Unless the person interviewing has been recommended by someone you personally know and trust, ALWAYS  meet them in a very public place and NEVER agree to go anywhere with them.
  • When considering an agency to join it’s worth checking out a few web sites and I highly recommend SAAFE

There are numerous sites on line dedicated to punters and working gals, don’t assume they are a safe area.  Like everywhere else on the internet, there are predatory types and in particular on site such as these, a very nasty brand of misogynists, some quite disturbed. Believe me, I’ve ran into a few.

Up in Wales there appears to be an epidemic (or so they tell us) of students turning to sex work, so a group of academics at Swansea University bagged themselves a £500,000 award from the Lottery Fund to fund research into the needs and motivations of student sex workers. I have my personal feelings of sex workers being used as Guinea pigs by academia, suffice to say, I don’t see what giving these lot a wad (no pun intended) of money achieves. But hey, at least student adult workers get good advice.

Last piece of advice? Enter with caution. It’s not for everyone, emotionally it can damage and have devastating long term effects. With the right attitude, a good head on your shoulders, you can come out of it unscathed and be set for life.

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