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I never had a crush on my maths teacher, Megan Stammers and who really cares about plebegate.



Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy

This unfortunate mess about the 15 year old girl and her maths teacher running off to France together, has got me thinking of a few things. One of my maths teachers, The Police song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” and a cousin.  Maths teacher/pupil indiscretion is alarming close to what happened to an older cousin who is now dead. A brilliant girl who was a goodie two shoes, head girl at the one boarding school (not in the UK) I attended with her and the bane of my existence for those three years.  She grassed me up to my dad at every opportunity, that was until I found out the dirty secret and why she got hauled off to boarding school.

I am one of the unfortunates who never got to attend the same school, through out my school years, not that it was altogether bad, but sometimes I wish I’d grown up in the same house and had the same set of friends through out…just as my nieces and nephews have. My nomadic formal years was due to family circumstances, a civil war and my fathers career. I attended various junior and secondary schools in different countries and the maths teacher that most stand out in my memory, is a burly Irish-American from Boston called Mr. O’Malley, who taught at a North London comprehensive. No, not the same one as the tyre slashing incident..

His rages where legendary and one I remember was during second period maths, when he caught me reading a magazine that was my on my lap hidden by the desk. Only thing is I was so caught up in the latest edition of Disco 45, I didn’t hear him ask me a question, until he banged on my desk and I was staring into the eyes or pure rage. So much rage that I could see the veins in his neck sticking out and for a moment I thought they’d pop. His breath smelled of whatever he had for lunch. Maths was always my weakest subject and he didn’t make it easy.

Today, a teacher like O’Malley would never be allowed to teach children and sometimes I wonder whatever became of him. I imagine him to be the sort of person who ends up in a really bad way. Maybe he sought help and found happiness.

As for Megan Stammers I hope she returns safely and this is just another case of school girl crush gone too far. To hear the media and especially the tabloids, you would think she was groomed by some dastardly sex fiend but I think the press and Megan Stammers parents underestimate some 15 year old girls. I was a little older than 15 when I had a crush on my O level Economics teacher, but that’s all it was and he didn’t even know it.

I have a feeling Megan Stammers very well knew what she was doing although I feel without Jeremy Forrest’s participation, it wouldn’t have gone this far.  Face it, some girls are 15 going on 35 and some are 15 but still playing with dolls.

Her parents seem to be in denial about their daughter, but friends and the school knew there was hanky panky going on between teacher and pupil, shame on the school for not alerting her parents and doing something about it….not that they could have stopped it, but first thing in order should have been to alert the parents.

What is really disturbing is a tortured song the teacher Jeremy Forrester wrote called “Arrows and Hearts” where he describes holding object of his desires neck until she turns blue. When you get over how cringe worthingly sophomoric the lyrics are, you have to wonder about the state of mind of the person behind the words. Let’s hope he doesn’t become a Joseph Duncan who blogged very disturbingly before he did the unthinkable.

I’m sensing her step father was occupied with his new family (apparently there is a relatively new wife) and her mother she lived with, had just given birth to a baby. Seems to have been a lot going on in that family.

Who knew cops were a bunch of whiny sods.

It’s been over a week since Plebegate broke and the media are still reporting on it, all because the police just won’t let it go. Did he or did he not say it? Andrew Mitchell DID call the cop a plebe, get over it.  Cops are robust enough and are called a hell lot worse on the streets every day. It’s wrong, but it happens and it’s goes with the territory.

If only the Police Federation or some whistle blowing copper  (no pun intended) would leak revealing documents on the investigation into the killing of Mark Duggan, on the Sean Rigg Case or Smiley Culture. I can see a lot of tumbleweed blowing.

What it comes down to, is British people of lower classes can never quite shake off the stigma they have attached to themselves hence the on-going furor in some quarters. The opportunist attacks from other quarters are inevitable, it’s personal  and politics.

I’m a black woman I don’t lose sleep over some white toff politician calling a copper a plebe, I’m less concerned about class distinction and more concerned about police brutality and misconduct.

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