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Say No to 0870 and other premium rate numbers

I have never quite understood why people in the UK put up with the amount of non-geographic numbers out there from businesses and institutions. You would think the businesses would want to garner better customer relations by providing 0800 numbers instead, although with people increasingly using mobile phones, a free phone number may be a mute subject as 800 are charged a higher rate from your mobile phone.

They are all guilty, utility companies, banks, companies technical support and complaints departments (who keep you hanging on forever), GP surgeries (who have been told they can not do it) and even the Department of Works (DWP) and Pensions agencies which include Job Centre Plus. Can you believe that? Even at your lowest they want to rob you blind.  Although to be fair, Job Centre Plus have made the 0845 numbers free even from a mobile phone having made some sort of a deal with some  mobile carriers. Even certain DWP 800 numbers are free from mobiles.

I’ve been using Say No To 0870 Numbers for the past 3 years as a way of getting around the unnecessary higher phone charges these numbers incur when used. It’s probably why I have stuck with BT for my phone service as they include 0845 in their inclusive phone plans and have since added 0844 and 0870’s.

If you are tired of calling your bank’s premium number, just look for  the number on your statement, made available for people calling from overseas. That also applies to other businesses.

Check it out, it’s a life saver.


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