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Top less Kate: A photo of the Duchess of Cambridge


Click for Scanned photo’s  of Kate  from Closer Magazine

According to pub review website Fancy a Pint: “In contrast to its sister pub, the Bree Louise, a great deal of money has been lavished on the D of C; its interior is large, airy and comfortable. Outside yard is a real sun-trap (hurry whilst season lasts). No-nonsense food inc. sensible bar snacks. If you like the beer set-up in the Bree you’ll like this. Locally-sourced gin & vodka, dozens of whiskies, buses past the door – what more do you want?”

On a more serious note, what is all the fuss about? When a nasty neighbor was taking photo’s of my then 12 year old niece from his upstairs window into my back garden, I got no help from the met police. This went on for a while until I took the law into my hands, then the police came down like a ton of bricks.

Face it Katie you’re a lovely gal and all that, but it can’t be one rule for us and one rule for y’all. Look at this way Katie once you’ve taken em out for the world to see, nobody’s going to care, so you can sunbathe topless without any worry….any other pics will be worthless.

If you feel that badly about it, let’s make a deal. You give me your millions and you can have my more private life.

Carry on topless girlie


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