Neighbourhood stimulus package: It might be stolen cash, but when you need it, it isn’t

So says a man who came out on to the streets to to grab  what he could.

California has the most bank robberies in the US and you understand why when you see their road system. Their freeway system provides a quick get away for robbers, it also provides hours of entertainment for viewers, when news stations breakaway for live footage of chases.

You see more of the chase in this video.

These bank robbers in Los Angeles, inadvertently turned Robin Hoods when they began throwing money they stole out of the get-away SUV, maybe in the hope of causing pandemonium, allowing them to escape. Instead they got  boxed in and taken down by law enforcement.

Robbers in London would never have gotten that far with our crappy road system.  The LA robbers drove close to 35 miles from the suburb of Santa Clarita to Central LA.

Only two people so far have returned what they grabbed.


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