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Hey Stella Creasy, I’m sick of people using Chris Brown as a poster child for domestic violence


Chris Brown sporting new tattoo that has people getting their panties in a wad again.

I’m surprising myself by defending Chris Brown as I care not for his music and really didn’t have an opinion one way or the other until he battered Rhianna in 2009. I still don’t care much for his music, but beginning to care about the person he is, so much so that I felt compelled to say something after MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy, jumped on the “let’s bash Chris Brown bandwagon” to help promote her latest cause, One Billion Rising a campaign against violence to women and girls in the same vein as likes of the tedious and absurd Slut Walk and Holla Back.

People, it’s time to move on and find a new poster child for domestic violence. The tattoo turned out to be a copy of a MAC cosmetic ad, influenced by the annual Mexican celebration of  Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) something that clearly went over Ms Creasy head. After numerous outlets published photos of Browns latest tattoo yesterday, people became apocalyptic with rage believing it is a tattoo of a battered Rhianna.

Call it a visceral reaction to hearing white woman who has the power to influence but using her political power to  demonize and vilify a black man to further her own agenda. While reading her various tweets on Chris Brown the air turned blue around my lap top, then I sent her the following message and received a predictable response:



Even after it became clear it wasn’t Rhianna, she continued to plough into him:


The damage the tattoo machine done. Move on folks it’s all in your head.

Ms Creasy typifies the views of others who have an ingrained belief that if it’s black it’s bad. Brown’s persona epitomizes everything they find abhorrent about a certain type of black man, who dresses in baggy pants, bares his chest, has tattoos, grinds and gyrates his groin and thrusts his hips in a way that makes well behaved women want to do unmentionable things. His whole hip-hop persona not only scares them but blinds them to see anything else preferring to hunt him down like he was some rabid animal….just read the thousands of comments all over the internet since this absurd story broke.

It started with this MAC cosmetics poster.

Three years after Chris Brown was convicted of felony assault and given 6 months community service, 52 weeks of a domestic violence program and fives years probation it’s so far so good and the judge is pleased with his progress. Unlike Lindsey Lohan and all the other interchangeable blondes who have fallen foul of the law, he hasn’t re-offended.

So why does a serial abuser like Charlie Sheen get away with his numerous incidents of domestic violence? Why is Stella Creasy not using him or another man in a recent British legal case as an example of an abuser? I have been aware of Sheen’s ugly side for decades, ever since my days as a madam in Los Angeles. It was a well know fact  he was a coke head who brutalized women, one of whom I witnessed the aftermath – it wasn’t pretty.

There are other white male celebs who have abused women, but don’t receive the same vilification Brown does.

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]


Somehow most of the media and Stella Creasy, chose to ignore and even ridiculed Chris Brown’s efforts to rehabilitate and redeem himself.  Since she and and the supporters of One Billion Rising claim one of their objectives is to “tackle the causes and consequences of violence against women and girls in the UK”, shouldn’t that include and highlight young boys and men also caught in the cycle of domestic violence? After all they are the consequence of violence they have endured themselves, since too often domestic violence is a cycle for the abused and the abuser. Men have to be part of the conversation.

Even more worrying is this sort of warped and lazy view transcends into every aspect of a black mans life from boyhood, so is it any wonder we are told teachers in the UK, have low expectations from black male pupils? It’s the same reason why they are more likely to be pulled over while driving, just for audacity of driving a high end car that he has legally worked hard to buy.

Recently Chris Brown played and spoke with the children at Jenesse for their annual “Back To School Fall Festival,” while providing them with school supplies and other back to school goodies. Jenesse  is a domestic violence intervention programe based in Los Angeles, that also operates as a shelter for women and children.  The staff and it’s residents are familiar with Brown and his mother Joyce Hawkins, who have volunteered there numerous times. I don’t know Brown or his mother personally, but I’d wager a bet they too have come away with something from the time they spend there. Take note Stella.

Check out  an interview with Jenesse Center Executive Director Karen Earl.  Also Halle Berry talks about her involvement with the centre as does Shaquile O’Neal and Jamie Foxx.


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