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So called ‘Hackney Heroine’ Pauline Pearce is writing a book and there is a Tottenham Heroine


Oh lawd make it stop, please make it stop.

Yes I know, another post about Pauline Pearce  again. Obsessed? Who me? Hell no, it’s Sunday, I’m lazy and she is the gift that keeps giving.

A while back I predicted she may write a book, it looks like I was right. Last week she tweeted to one of her on line admirers:

I don’t know what crazy cat lady’s response was because her account is protected, but Pearce who suffers from severe persecution complex, went on to say : “should be a laugh and it will give some of my twitter trolls a bee in their bonnett lol lov a little controversy lol” [sic]. (She considers me a troll).

I’ve got news for Pauline Pearce, no one has a bee in their bonnet about her, call it mild amusement. Pearce who has been claiming benefits for years due to several “ailments” is now fit to work, but claims having a walking stick is preventing her from finding a job. Really? A walking stick is a well known prop for the work-shy, I know of another person. Quite what she’ll fill this book with is anyone’s guess, but I think we all know her story, what is there left to tell?

“I went on a drunken rant along Clarence Rd, during the riots, the video went viral, I was courted by the lazy press, used by a shameless Boris in photo opportunities right after the riots, I got caught up in a drug sting arranged by a red top tabloid, then got used by the Hackney LibDems as their fetch n step mascot Councillor candidate.

“Since then I seize every opportunity I get to regurgitate the same old crap to the media about the few minutes of ranting, whenever they come knocking. They say jump, I say how high”.

Unfortunately for Pauline Pearce, her 15 minutes of fame hasn’t stretched into anything meaningful, but she loves being the centre of attention and as long as there is an audience, she’ll keep on truckin’ and performin’.

Polar opposite Gina Moffatt walks the talk and is doing bloomin’ well

While Pearce goes for attention and self promotion of nothing, someone who has gone on to achieve a lot since her incarceration is Gina Moffatt, a Tottenham woman who like Pearce was convicted of a drug offence. Moffatt was caught smuggling £125,000 worth of cocaine at Heathrow Airport and was sentenced to 6 years.

She took up floristry In Holloway Prison and completed an NVQ in a related subject and started her business in prison when she persuaded the prison governor to allow her to provide flowers for inmates, their families and staff. An ingenious idea if you ask me. Business flourished behind the walls of Holloway, that she recruited other inmates.

Five years after her release, not only is Moffatt’s Tottenham based floral business Blooming Scent, going from strength to strength, she also runs the Blooming Scent Cafe, both located at the Bernie Grant Art Centre in Tottenham.  Even more inspiring is that she hires and trains ex-offenders, giving them a second chance too. She also gives talks at schools about the dangers of drugs and gangs.

And she’s won awards too!


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