Clapton Silliness: Sickle Cell and Renal Dialysis Units V pop-up cafe’s in urinal



It's a piss poor idea

It appears Hackney council are considering another proposal for the use of  the old public loos on Brooksby Walk.  The toilets have been closed for decades, since the old Chatsworth Road Market ceased operating. If you recall, early last year a group called the Clapton Improvement Society (CIS) blazed on to the social entrepreneurial scene proclaiming their desire to help ‘ the poor and disadvantaged’ in the area, which was a load of codswallop.  I called bull-shit on the idea then and I still do, but  I guess they thought talking the talk makes it looks good on paper, therefore enabling them to qualify for grants and lottery awards. In other words using the disadvantaged to forward their own agenda, that does not include the disadvantaged, while promoting their other endeavour which is the weekly Hackney Home Made Market

I only found out a few days ago, that Homerton Hospital announced back in December, their desire to build a Sickle Cell day care unit and a Renal Dialysis Unit on the site. It came just as CIS were about to sign a 26 year lease to use the former toilets as an event venue to host pop events to include cafe’s, street food, cocktails and art and of course a unisex toilet to be used on Sundays during market hours.

As you can imagine they nor Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Assoc. (CRTRA) are happy about it and want the council to reconsider. I say CRTRA, but it seems like Euan Mills does most of the talking for them. Mills is a member, but appears to be every where and has a finger in everything in Clapton. The guy has a master plan for the area and developed the Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood Plan.

Think a lite version of Joseph Mengele, but without all the horrid Nazi stuff. Mills is an Urban Designer with a vision, which will transform Clapton beyond recognition in decades to come.

They call it avant garde

It’s hardly surprising I had not heard of the developments as not even CIS have mentioned it on their website, they appear to no longer up-date and CRTRA only has a short statement on their site, stating they opposed Homerton Hospital buying the land and encouraging folks to sign the petition. Their opposition has been quite low key and can you blame them? NIMBY’s don’t traditionally oppose the NHS and the NHS isn’t the usual big money developers our beloved NIMBY’s fight. Saying no to a day care centre for sick people with Sickle Cell Anemia and people needing weekly dialysis, would be callous to say the least and CIS have taken the soft approach by proposing sharing the space.

Really? Unisex toilet, pop up bars and cafes next to a a clinic? Were talking pop up bars that sell £7 cocktails….

Apparently their supporters feel eating and looking at art in an old loo is better use of the building.

The real asset of Hackney is its continental, artistic/bohemian vibe and this is what the council should be capitalising on. Hence any features that would keep its particular character should be preserved and promoted so that new people will move in or visit.

This coward who signed anonymously seems to think social housing for lower income people isn’t needed:

Hackney has already met the governments social housing targets. We don’t need additional housing in an area already densely populated where public services such as schools, doctors and dentists are overstretched. As a long time member of this local community I am alarmed and dejected by the loss of so many public and shared facilities – all given over to the development of yet more housing. It smacks of greed and profiteering as opposed to any co-hesive planning that will benefit the whole community.

Read more comments from supporters…..

And Hackney Council? Here is what they have to say: “The Council wants to ensure the Brooksby’s Walk toilets site is used for the benefit of the local community. We have two proposals on the table, both of which would achieve this.

“Although nothing has been decided yet we want to try to find a solution that meets both parties’ aims, including the provision of a public toilet. So, in a few months time, once we have seen the final plans from Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the Council will decide which proposal to move forward with.”

I say hire portaloos for market days and pay for it yourselves.I notice a few shop keepers have complained about people urinating and defecating outside their businesses. A loo that opens on Sunday for 7 hrs won’t help since the deviants who create the mess do so at night time, when the toilet will be closed anyway.



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