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She’s no racist she’s just an angry black woman


She says hates white people


UPDATE: A 34 year old woman was arrested at a Hackney address this afternoon at 2:15. (Tuesday 21) by Hackney Police, on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence, and she is now in custody at an east London police station. They are still trying to establish where the footage was taken.

The video is of a black woman in a very distressed state (see video below). A state that in my view could be one of frustration,  anger , maybe even under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However it is a different story if you were to go by the Daily mail report  and  journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer, on her LBC afternoon talk show. Both the Mail and Julia Hartley-Brewer led readers and listeners to believe the woman was an out right racist monster. She isn’t. It’s obvious she was hitting out in anger and at the time, the only way she was equipped to.

Her body language and words are what I see all the time on London’s public transport, walking along Stoke Newington High Road, Kingsland High Road or even in Wood Green. You find clearly disturbed people in public every where, some more disturbed than others, but there are those on the edge, the edge you reach when life get’s too much. Not everyone seeks help.

It’s plain to see she was motivated by something and it wasn’t racism, because as some callers into Hartley Brewer’s show pointed out, black people can not be racist. You see, not just anybody can be a racist, you have to come from a certain place with a sense of superiority and with the power to oppress.

It’s a shame The Daily Mail and Julia Hartley Brewer didn’t invite Funke Baffour, a clinical psychologist to comment, mind you she’s currently visiting Ghana, so it may not have been a convenient time.

In simplistic terms racism refers to a persistent inequality where individuals in a society inherit an inferior social status on the basis of ethnicity. The results can manifest themselves in many forms but in essence it is the exclusion of people from full and equal participation in that lifestyle we all collectively perceive as being valuable, important, personally worthwhile and socially desirable.

Racism and prejudice are so easily intertwined that many people confuse the terms which can lead to the erroneous assumption that overt racism no longer exists.

Many who have experienced oppression inherit prejudices borne from their experiences. These prejudices can represent as a form of detestation towards all those who they feel are part of the collective group responsible for their social disadvantages.

To identify the act of racism in all of its insidious and pervasive forms can be extremely challenging. However, it is important not to forget the biology of racism. We are wired to like people that are similar to us. It is this biology of racism that cannot be dealt with immediately.

Read the whole article from Channel4 here

There is more to it than some of the simplistic and often very ignorant comments being made in the comments section of the Daily Mail, and from callers on Julia Hartley-Brewers show this afternoon, but can you blame them when even this countries legal system is clueless on what constitutes a racist remark.

In the UK a black person can be arrested and charged with racial harassment for calling another black person a nigga, true, I know this from personal experience.  As far as I’m concerned It’s impossible for a black person to be racist against another black person or a white person. I wonder what the CPS would make of what is known as tribalism in Africa.

I saw a comment in the Daily Mail where a woman mentioned her bi-polar West Indian mother, going off on rants about Africans during some of her ‘episodes’. She’d say terrible things about Africans despite her mother having had 2 children by an African man. In today’s Britain, even calling another black person choc Ice is considered racist, so this woman is going to need a good lawyer to defend her if she is charged.

And before you ask about Emma West, the white woman who had a similar melt-down on a tram in Croydon last year, I think trying to jail her is wrong and expensive.  It’s not people like her or John Terry that worry or anger me, it’s racism from people who should know better. I never felt one way or the other about the John Terry case. The police, the courts, the board room, the FA with their lack of black coaches and football managers, not rants from jackass over paid over sexed footballers and depressed young struggling white women, dealing with the shit life throws at them. Jacqueline Woodhouse is another one that comes to mind. I never felt insulted. Had she said that to me, she would have felt my fist, but other than that, you can rant all you want on the train, I’ll just laugh or ignore you.

We need to put an end to institutionalized racism in higher institutions in this country and not prosecute the ignorant, afflicted and in my case, a woman trying to defend herself and nieces from a nasty Somalian refugee neighbour (you know the self-hating type who hate their colour) and her Irish husband,  who from an upstairs room in his house, would take photographs of my underage nieces, in shorts as they played in my back yard.

The court and even the police where more concerned about his reputation and his job in a governmental agency. As far as they were concerned I was a crazy violent black  bitch and not a woman who was under unimaginable stress from this woman and her husband. Had I really acted on what I really wanted to do to them to make it stop,  I’d be doing a verrrrrrrrrry long time behind bars. I knew not to cross that line and took out my frustrations the only way I could, after not getting any help from the police, no matter how many times I contacted them. It’s a wonder that I didn’t do the ultimate and I sometimes feel that’s what they wanted me to do.

Who knows what drove this woman over the edge or what she may have ingested that day. I’m saying, Humpty Dumpty didn’t fall, he was pushed. You with me? 😉

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