Hard selling kitty and my six figure lottery almost win this week

I'm adorable and more resilient than you think

I was in a pet store in Hackney Central the other day and couldn’t help butting into an ongoing conversation, with the girl behind the counter and a customer, who was considering getting another cat to keep the one she had bought some months before company. I was gobsmacked to hear shop girls aggressive hard sell, as she advised the woman to stay away from animal shelters, because of the ‘inconvenience’ home visits by shelter staff caused. She told the woman she didn’t stand a chance of being approved and would be turned down because working would be a strike against her.

She emphasized they de-flead their cats and start them off on a good diet – Royal Canine. I don’t consider Royal Canine a good diet, but I guess it’s an individual thing. Unfortunately there are an awful lot of folks out there who just presume if it’s sold at vets it’s good.

Shop girl couldn’t be further from the truth. I have volunteered for several animal shelters, fostered dogs for them, adopted dogs and cats over the last 20 years and fund raised. I know animal rescue’s are very particular about people wanting to adopt dogs, who work long hours or are out of their homes for extended times, however they are more flexible about cat adoptions.

Cats are more independent than dogs who are more social. I would never dream of leaving my dogs alone over night or for long hours but I could leave a cat on it’s own for up to 24 hrs, with enough food, water and litter. Cats are more resilient than we think they are. To be frank, shop girl was talking bollocks!

What shop girl was trying to do, was sell the customer another kitten even if it meant  deterring her from going to a cat rescue at what ever cost. I wish I had given the woman my card, but I had a taxi waiting outside (I had a very liquid lunch with some former colleagues), I did however tell her, that her working hours would not be a major factor to animal rescue staff and to peruse it.

Further down this page in the right side bar, you will find a list of animal rescues in London, however a quick google search will bring up others in your part of UK or other parts of the world.


Euro Millions almost killed me last night

I’m not a regular lottery player, but every once in a while I’ll have a flutter, which was the case yesterday. Checking my Euro Million at almost midnight last night, four of my numbers jumped out at me. First came a slight chest pain then palpitations and a very dry mouth. I looked up how much four numbers would earn me and discovered it was £110,000.

It was only after checking it  several times, I discovered the results were from July on a  day I didn’t play. Gutted.








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