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Pauline Pearce bares it all

I wonder what the lib-dems make of this

I have never seen a mutilated breast. Mainly out of fear and because I am squeamish. I am fortunate that neither I nor the women in my family or any close friend has been touched by this dreadful disease. I’ve met women with cancer as well as survivors, but never been privy to the aftermath of a mastectomy and it’s with this knowledge I am aware nobody is immune. I can’t say I have escaped it.

Pauline Pearce as most of you know is a breast cancer survivor. Since the notorious video of her yelling and waving her  walking  stick at rioters, on Clarence Road during last summers burning and looting went viral, she has been in undated with TV, radio and print interviews. To this day they still insist on dragging her tired old carcass out to subject us to her pontificating on the riots, law and order involving blacks, disaffected youth and urban rot in Hackney. Enough!

You would think there were no other black people available to speak of the issues in Hackney. But they want to milk her You Tube notoriety for what they can, since her face is recognized, unlike unknown youth workers in Hackney and it’s neighboring boroughs whom I wish they would invite on their shows.  Instead, they go for the reality show factor. Which reminds me, I promised a Huffington Post journalist, contact details of other black men and women involved with ‘disaffected’ youth in Hackney and Haringey on a daily basis, who could speak from actual experience and not hyperbole.


Recently, Pearce has chosen  to bare her breasts for an art project. She tweeted on Saturday: “I was very nerous [sic] about doing this but I’m glad I did thank you clhoe [sic]“. 16 hours later, she still hasn’t received one tweet back from any of her followers of whom a few often quickly respond by blowing smoke up her ass, each time she appears on TV or is featured or quoted in a paper. I’ve even seen them ask her to run as a member of parliament.

The arty sounding statement  by Chloe Meunier, the photographer who talked her into the project, reads: “The breast is the most questioned, exploited, connoted feminine space. During her disease, Pauline saw her husband leave her, then her breast. And along with them, eventually her first cancer. It is now difficult for her to feel connected to her sexuality because of the physical evidence of her disease. The mammary reconstruction that followed, failed. The prothesis  g[sic]ave in and its contents are slowly going into her body. She is waiting for a new intervention. The idea that it is necessary to be physically more attractive pushes away the conception of a relationship with a man. The hope to present herself as physically pleasing again takes real form in the last stage of the mammary recontruction [sic]: the tattoo of a nipple. The cancer makes it difficult to conform with the physical codes of society, leaving souvenirs and a disrupted body.”

Pearce isn’t speaking to me and has blocked me from her Twitter account and if you’re familiar with my blog you will know why, so I’m not able to ask her why she felt the need to do what she has. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I could email or call her, but I’m sure she wouldn’t respond, so my always cynical mind leads me to conclude; it’s more endless self promotion. from her. It’s not like strangers get to see her breasts and even with the low cuts she is fond of wearing, one would ever know part of it was missing.  Oh well, if making a public statement makes her feel more desirable and feminine, who am I to say otherwise.

And what good timing. It’s slightly over a week from the anniversary of last summers riot that affected Hackney and propelled her to YouTube notoriety. Her new offering I’m sure will attract the media, although with the Olympics taking place, I’m not sure.

If her latest  offering is a calculated publicity move, I have to ask, does this woman ever say no to any offers that comes along? Soon after a Sunday paper ran an expose with a video of her arranging a drug buy in November 2011, she was picked up by a group in Hackney, wanting permission from the Department of Education to start up it’s own Free School. I still contend she was invited to join their panel to add another black face for the benefit of their application. I’m pleased to say the school’s application was successful. I’m sure because they put forward a sound proposal and had a lot of backing from parents all ready to sign up.

Then there was the joke of the decade; Pauline Pearce and Hackney Lib Dems. I wonder if she would have done this had she been elected as Councillor for Hackney Central.

You think she’ll turn me down if I mention wanting to start up an alternative tour of Hackney? You know run a ‘Riot Special’ for visitors to Hackney. We’d do a little tour of Mare Street, Hackney Central and up into Clarence Road. There would be an extra charge to take a photo against the famed wall that was the backdrop of Pearce’s profanity laden tirade.  Hell, for the sake of originality, we could even recreate the tirade for the tourists in different languages.  I mean how hard is learning a few cuss words in Japanese, Cantonese, Spanish, German, French. Even one in a clipped British accent would be good, since a lot of English speaking people couldn’t make a lick of sense out of what she was saying anyway.

The event wouldn’t be complete without a few shots of Molotov cocktail…the drink not the crude bomb. We’d charge ’em say £30 a pop….booze and photo’s would be extra and just to p David Gauke off and show him how immoral we can be, payments only in cash will be accepted. 🙂

Photo from Fototazo and Chloe Meunier

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