Bruno Hall, father of Mark Duggan dies

The Duggan family: from left his girlfriend Symone, father Bruno (sitting) brother Shaun and mother Pam (photo nicked from the Guardian)

Almost a year after losing Mark, the Duggan family have lost another member. Bruno Hall has passed on. I called youth activist, campaigner and one time Conservative Councillor candidate for Edmonton, Ken Hinds this evening to confirm it, and was told Mr Hall passed away over a week ago from cancer he was recently diagnosed with.

Bruno Halls death, so close to the anniversary of Marks death is probably going to heighten their pain and dealing with not just Marks death, but the circumstances surrounding it. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has taken different turns over the year and we are still not closer to the truth.

Mr Halls funeral will take place next  Friday, 27 July.

My thoughts are with the Duggan family.

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