The Voice, denied access to Olympics – Is it still a relevant news outlet?

I heard over the weekend The Voice have been refused Olympic accreditation.

The news finally trickled down and as of Monday afternoon other publications such as The Guardian and Huffington Post, were reporting it.

It celebrates 30 years of publication in August, but for me it long since lost the bite it  once had, when I first started reading it  after it’s launch, and I haven’t bought a copy in years, but The Voice still remains Britain’s longest running and best known black newspaper.  It remains somewhat relevant and I believe we still need a news publication that will represent people of colour, express our views and be a launch pad for black journalists, who have a hard enough time getting a foot in with main stream media.

The Voice was representing Black Britons, back in the day when papers like the Sun and Mirror didn’t even attempt to cover up their bigoted agenda. It was launched at a very pivotal time in the history of black Britons, a year after the Brixton riot,  two years before Broadwater Farm in Tottenham erupted and shortly before Colin Roaches death in custody at Stoke Newington Police Station. It campaigned against injustice, and today remains one of the few media outlets that reports on crimes of the state, such as Kingsley Burrell, Mickey Powell, Demetre Fraser and others, deaths in custody.

So why did the Media Accreditation Committee send them this?:

The extraordinary interest and demand from UK media saw the British Olympic Association (BOA) receive more than 3,000 requests for the approximately 400 accreditation available.

‘After careful consideration by the Media Accreditation Committee, we regret to inform you that your application for accreditation for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been unsuccessful.’

‘Should we be in the fortunate position to receive additional accreditation’s from the International Olympic Com-mittee (IOC) as the Games near or if any granted accreditation’s are returned, we will reallocate them to applicants on our waiting list. You will automatically be put on this list.

I am by no means comparing the might of the BBC with a much smaller organization such as The Voice, but they get accreditation’s for 746 journalists?  This the same company we as as tax payers fund, that sent 400 journalists to cover Glastonbury last year.

So far a petition has been whipped up and just about everybody has something to say about the decision to issue or not issue The Voice the needed accreditation.

Me? As I mentioned, I’m not a regular reader anymore and became less of one after it started publishing the most irrelevant ‘news’ about people in the USA.  I lost patience last year when it had a daily running commentary on the Eddie Long debacle in America. This morning it promoted a news item on Twitter, that most of us can do without. Three black teens in Chicago (yes as in Illinois, USA) who have been charged with the murder of a 62 year old man. Omitted from the article was date said crime was committed and when they were charged.

Just as well I have absolutely no interest in the Olympics. At least The Voice is enjoying publicity it has never experienced in it’s history and that’s not a bad thing right.

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