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A modern day lynching in Hackney: This nonsense has to stop

Lynching the uppity bitch 2012 stylee

I guess the light hearted blog post I was going to write about foreskins and circumcisions will have to wait another day.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would keep a public log on the shenanigans of the the residence group, way on the other side of Hackney, with a wild hair up their asses about me. It looked like I wouldn’t have to, but sadly they have resumed their silly games and it’s serious this time.

Most people are aware of the real crimes we have in this borough, none more so than the residents of Hackney. So I’m baffled as to why people who purport to be concerned about their neighbourhood and the quality of the lives of their fellow residents, would be so hell bent on wasting police time just to prove a point or get back at me.

Not happy with me not portraying them in the best light, the group have taken to reporting me to the police. After a talk with an officer on the 22nd of June, giving him my version of events it was agreed we would call a truce. I’d pretty much had my last word when I posted this , prior to being contacted by the police. As far as I was concerned it was done and dusted. I was wrong.

Within days of our conversation I was contacted again by the same officer, this time with a screen shot of a tweet I sent to one of them on the 27th May  in response to something they had tweeted about me. I guess to keep the shit spinning. Again I explained my side of the story and agreed that my tweet could be considered distasteful even vile, by most folks standard….my standards are a little different. Again I stressed I had moved on and hoped they would.

Late this afternoon, I had a message left on my phone regarding yet another tweet, but  have been unable to reach the officer and left a message. I have not directed anything at them nor have I sent messages. I have blocked all of them and they have blocked me, which means they have gone out of their way to read my tweets and interpret them. As yet I don’t know which tweet they are aggrieved over, as I have not directly or indirectly mentioned them or allude to anything remote to them.

It is clear what we have here is a repeat of the constant harassment and downright infantile games these people played with the Silk House hotel owners, in an effort to get them closed and to provide amusement to themselves. No longer able to do this, I have now become their new ‘whipping girl’. However I will not suffer fools gladly and will take this further.  If the police feel I am harassing them or causing them any distress, it can be dealt with through the appropriate channels and if that means me being arrested and charged, so be it. Hopefully an impartial court will decide since the CPS are unable to tell their backsides from their mouths.

Imagine for a moment  an arsonist. He ignites a fire, steps back or runs away, only to come back to watch it burn. This is how this lot are are getting their jollies, they cream their panties after each of their escapades, but when it involves constantly harassing me via wasting police time with petty accusations, something has to be done. Their first complaint was that I was racist for writing this. Then it was I made a vulgar comment, what next?

Unfortunately for me, my reputation precedes me. My blogging sometimes is provocative, I’m gobby, but even worse I am black and while some might think I’m pulling out the race card, hear me out. It ‘s something I fought much of my adult life. If I were a white woman I’d be called gobby, even caustic, sassy or quirky. Instead, I’m probably seen as aggressive. If I raise my voice, I’m seen as violent and out of control. But at least I’m lucky I’m a black woman and not a black man…it’s worse.

The cops have been very decent in dealing with this and I give the officer a 12 out of 10 in his efforts, but find it embarrassing having to answer to something as petty as these complaints. Unfortunately for the poor sods cops,  🙂 they have to deal with every complaint that comes in from the public.

I am under no illusion that the group are in this alone, they are in cahoots with others including a certain Lib-Dem Councillor who has made some outlandish claims about me and others.

Que Sera, Sera

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