Old money toffs, illicit affairs, a black boy from the ghetto and his suga momma

Kate's men bonding: Jay Electronica and her husband Ben Goldsmith who was unaware of the full extent of his wife's relationship with Jay.

The worlds of high society and rappers collided earlier this month, and thanks to Twitter and the Daily Mail, the break up of Ben and Kate Goldsmiths marriage played out on line for millions.  But it’s the American rapper Jay Eletronica (born Timothy Elpadaro Thedford) whom Kate manages that’s got me giddy about this intriguing tale of indiscretions. I mean toffs have outrageous scandals all the time… they just don’t interest me, they’re an incestuous lot that have it off with others in their own circles, so nothing new there.

However, it’s not every day one of them married or not, hooks up with a black rapper that I’ve never heard of, and even worse, take their grubby linens on to social networking sites, to air for all to read, laugh at and be appalled. I’m not amongst the appalled, I’m intrigued.

Mr and Mrs Goldsmith

The story is of Ben Goldsmith and his wife Kate (née Rothschild), 30 something mega rich couple with 3 children, both from power house families. I’d be surprised if you’ve never heard of the Rothschild’s and Goldsmith’s, google them. Ben 31, is a Financier and Kate 29, who fancies herself as a record producer has her own label, Round Table.

The news finally broke in early June after Ben was hauled off by police from their £20 million home in Kensingnton, on suspicion of actual bodily harm.

After finding explicit texts and emails between his wife and Jay Electronica, he blew a gasket. He was released without charge but accepted a caution.

A few days later both Mr and Mrs Goldsmith  unleashed a torrent of tweets, accusing each other of infidelity with Ben branding Kate as “appalling”. Kate also lashed out at her critics tweeting:  “Our marriage went bad a few years ago and none of you have any idea what I went through along with my husband. My husband is a brilliant and incredible man… but relationships can go wrong. This is the darkest time of my life.” She even credits Jay Electronica for ‘saving her life’. How he did this I don’t know, although I could hazard a guess, but it would be way too crude to mention, even by this blog’s standards.

You think  Electronica was bragging about his sexual prowess when he sent this tweet? He’s also chosen to leave this tweet up despite deleting his hundreds of tweets last week. As reminder to his lovers husband?


When the media caught wind of their shenanigans, Jay may have been not so cocky when he tweeted the following, which he accredits to his late grandma:

Then last Friday, the same day he and Kate are photographed together for the first time together, (she’s been pictured leaving Jays Knightsbridge flat alone), he lets rip on Ben Goldsmith, his lovers husband and tweeted: “you wanna go public, i’ll go public and you aint gonna like it. stop acting like a bitch”.[sic]

And the following was not a brilliant move:

ben you need to stop going to the press w these bullshit stories. Don’t be a fucking hypocrite. I’ll come see you” [sic].

Jay, let me tell you something about these people. You do not send them tweets like that, it could land you in a lot of trouble. Listen, just because you’re shittin in high cotton (being a Southern boy, you should know what that means), being kept in grand style by a rich white girl who is some other mans wife, isn’t an excuse go taunting her husband. I can’t even blog my thoughts here without a group of numpties in my hood contacting the police. Yup seriously, they send them screen shots of my tweets too.

It works a little different here, in New Orleans you’ll get called a nigga to your face, here in the UK, they go after you in a different way if they think you’re getting a lil too uppity with yourself. Just a warning bro. Don’t let all those helicopter rides with Kate to Paris to see Kanye in concert go to your head and remember; one day you’re the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster.

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