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Revenge attack for stealing a Blackberry: Christopher Nathaniel and Paul Boadi denied bail


LIFE SENTENCE FOR Danny O’Shea killer

I have updated, see:

UPDATE TUES 5 FEBRUARY: The jury is being sworn in today, the prosecution likely to open. All 8 are being tried together and it is anticipated the trial will last until sometime in mid May.

UPDATE FRI 23 NOVEMBER: BOTH Nathaniel and Boadi appeared in court today, in what was scheduled as an application to dismiss, instead they entered a plea of not guilty. Trial  date is set for 4 February 2013

UPDATE TUES 25 SEPTEMBER:  Chris Nathaniel,  Paul Boadi’s  and six other co-defendants denied stabbing 18 year old Danny Oshea to death, last December. Nathaniel and Boadi will both appear on Friday 23rd November, when their lawyers will make application to dismiss their cases –  That’s a glimmer of hope for them. The others will have to wait until 4th February 2013 for their next court appearances. 

Sept 3 – There has been a lot of interest on this story but even more so in the past 3 days. Chris Nathaniel and his co-defendants next court date is 25 September, when there will be a plea and case management hearing.

Chris Nathaniel, Ashley Cole and Paul Boadi

Not so good news for Chris Nathaniel, Paul Boadi and three other defendants who applied for bail today, at the Old Bailey, where all were refused. They were amongst nine men who were chargedlast Thursday  with murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

Knifed in the neck: Danny O’Shea

The charges relate to the death of 18 year old Danny O’Shea. Nathaniel is said to have paid £1,500 to fund a revenge attack on a group of youths who robbed his business partner Boadi, 34, of his Blackberry.  It is claimed the attackers travelled in a minibus to Canning Town, on December 2, 2011, armed with a knife. Eighteen year-old Danny O’Shea, who is not believed to have been involved in the robbery, was stabbed in the neck and collapsed outside his mother’s front door in Gill Avenue and was pronounced dead at 5.30pm.

They are all due to appear at the Old Bailey on September 25 for a plea and case management hearing

So now I know. Until today I wasn’t aware of the motives. If this is true or if he’s found guilty, it may spell the end of Nathaniel’s business. Ironically Nathaniel has been part of an anti-knife crime campaign, who advised Tony Blair and Gordon Brown on the subject.

The prosecution were able to persuade the judge that both Nathaniel and Boadi have ties to Ghana and Brazil, as well as having the means to abscond. Both are British born with Ghanaian heritage.

The other defendents are; David Hylton, 47, from Holborn, central London; Andrew Johnson, 35, Paul Johnson, 33, and O’Neil Wareham, 29, all from Harrow, north west London; Ferron Perue, 23, from Birmingham; Kevin Richards, 32, from Harlesden, north London; and Nugent Rowe, 29, from Pinner, Middlesex

Chris Nathaniel is the head of NVA Holdings, an entertainment management company that represents talent from the world of sports, fashion, film and music. Some of his clients include Rio Ferdinand,  Ashley Cole, Robinho, both John Terry and Usain Bolt, whom he brokered book deals for. Yes, John Terry has penned a biography.  NVD has also promoted UK shows for P Diddy, Usher, Lil Wayne and other big acts.


It’s all about business: Chris, Ashley Cole and JayZ at NVA Holdings Canary Wharf offices

Founded in 2005, it was Chris Nathaniel who brokered the the JayZ/Ashley Cole deal to open a branch of his  40/40 club in London. The buzz at the time was the club would be opened in time for the 2012 Olympics, but that looks doubtful. It’s not the first time JayZ has made these big enthusiastic announcement and not delivered. The London club appears to be still in planning stage.

Not one to shy away from showing the ‘trappings of his success’, sometimes to the point of cringe worthy vulgarity, Nathaniel has made several Youtube videos of he and his entourage drinking expensive champagne and purchasing a top of the line Range Rover. In a recent tweet, he mentioned buying a £25,000 bed from Harrods and constantly ‘dazzles’ his followers with his high profile meetings and endless affirmations of ‘making it’.

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