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Odd announcement by CPS of Chris Nathaniel charge over Danny O’shea murder

 UPDATE: All acquitted but one

UPDATE TUES 5 FEBRUARY: The jury is being sworn in today, the prosecution likely to open. All 8 are being tried together and it is anticipated the trial will last until sometime in mid May.

UPDATE TUES 25 SEPTEMBER:  Chris Nathaniel,  Paul Boadi’s  and six other co-defendants denied stabbing 18 year old Danny O’shea to death, last December. Nathaniel and Boadi will both appear on 23 rd  November, when their lawyers will make application to dismiss their cases –  That’s a glimmer of hope for them. The others will have to wait until 4th February 2013 for their next court appearances.

Sept 3 – There has been a lot of interest on this story but even more so in the past 3 days. Chris Nathaniel and his co-defendants next court date is 25 September, when there will be a plea and case management hearing.

It’s all about business: Meeting with JayZ and Ashley Cole


What struck me as a little odd was reading this in the Crown Prosecution’s blog  “Christopher Nathaniel and eight others charged with murder“. I wasn’t aware Christopher Nathaniel was a household name, so why lead with his name? Other than insiders and people in the world he represented I doubt his name would register, so why use him as a lead? You think they’re getting their jollies off knowing that this a case involving a well connected person, which might attract a certain type of attention? I mean it’s every prosecutors wet dream right?

Until last March when he was arrested at Heathrow airport after a business trip to the US, I had never heard of  Chris Nathaniel or his company NVA Holdings. He was later released on police bail and when he answered bail yesterday, along with eight others, they were charged with murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, and were remanded into custody. They appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court today, and remain in custody. Another hearing is set to be heard at the old Bailey on Monday 25 June.

Danny O’Shea died steps away from his mother’s home.


How the CEO and his second in command of an entertainment group, wound up in the docks with seven other men, over the murder of a kid on a nondescript East London street, is something I have no knowledge of. No details of his connection to O’Shea or the sequence of events have been released. All I know is what has been reported, which is 18 year old Danny O’Shea was stabbed in December 2011, outside his mothers house in Canning Town, following a chase by a group of men.

Nathaniel’s company NVA, is based in the snazzy 1 Canada Square building in Canary Wharf.  He’s a mover and a shaker who is involved in a multitude of business ventures that involves some of the biggest names in national and international sports, music makers and honchos, including JayZ.. Some of his clients include Rio Ferdinand,  Ashley Cole, Robinho, both John Terry and Usain Bolt, whom he brokered book deals for. Yes, John Terry has penned a biography.  NVD has promoted UK shows for P Diddy, Usher, Lil Wayne and other big acts.

It all sounds odd and I can only assume there is a mix up and he’ll be able to resume his business without he or his company tarnished.

Not a good time for him to be locked up with Jayz and a bunch of others in town for the BBC Hackney Weekend.

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