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Bitter feelings run deep in Clapton and Homerton

Deal with it  and let it go Julia and Sarah

The nutty nimby fraternity in Hackney have taken it too far this time.  Who knew Jullia Lafferty was a demented bunny boiler who would stoop at any thing, after not getting her way in the planning permission debacle of 229 Lower Clapton Road. I mean the woman has all out accused church members of  St Marys of Zion church in Clapton, of being implicit in human rights violations in Ethiopia?????

Julia Lafferty doesn’t only have several pet projects which she attempts to get funding for, she also sits on  Clapton Community First panel, which if her actions towards other groups different from hers is anything to go by,  clearly displays she does not belong on.

In a comment she made on Hackney Hive following planning permission being granted to the church group, she wrote:


Campbell says:
19/06/2012 at 9:40 am

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is of course entitled to its beliefs but it is entirely wrong to give the impression that this group represents anything other than a tiny minority of people in Hackney. Personally I have serious concerns about the fact that by its silence the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church appears to be complcit in the serious abuses of human rights being carried out by the repressive Ethiopian regime. These abuses have been highlighted by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and details can be found on their websites.

After it was brought to ‘Campbell’s’ attention that she was posting her vile lies from the same IP address as Julia Lafferty, she came back with more lies and another insane rant. Obviously a very disturbed paranoid woman.

19/06/2012 at 12:23 pm

Read the truth about this building and the lies you have been fed.

It is clear from Twitter that you were asked by the EOTC to concoct a story to promote their planning application. I provided you with a detailed interview but as this contradicted most of what you wrote in your article, you conveniently ignored what I had said.

Far from keeping “a dignified silence”, there is proof that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has conducted an unpleasant and anonymous campaign on social networking sites attacking anyone who exercised their right to make representations against their planning application. (You are not the only site administrator keeping tabs on IP addresses).

And Sarah from Homerton? Following this post  she contacted Diane Abbott  re garding an unrelated piece on another site about an accomplished black man. Sarah Miller was upset that Ms Abbott re-tweeted it to her 40,000 plus followers.


The E9 residents/Sarah has calmed down since I contacted the employers of a troll (a very large international film and entertainment company) about the abusive messages I was receiving coming from a company computer. They are investigating it and I’m sure by now have taken disciplinary actions.

Just let it go ladies, I was just doing the right thing. As for Lafferty, I’m keeping my eye on that bitch.  People like her are liable to do anything, which is why I will keep a record on this here my very public blog.

Oh one other thing Lafferty, those silent calls you have been making to a certain person (not me), BT can trace them.


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