A word to my troll


I see you closed your Twitter account no sooner I identified where you were sending me abusive messages from. Sure you tried to play it off by laughing it off and calling me stupid, but then you began deleting the really nasty ones and before tea time, you deleted the account.

Your timing was really poor, and had you not been frantically checking out my blog and making reference as you continued your twitter assault, I would never have been able to pin point you, but I did thanks to www.statcounter.com. The clincher was when I sent you a link and you clicked on it.  BAM! I had you then.

You blazed in with a new account bearing the tag line: “wronging right and righting wrong” ready to take me on and ensued with one cowardly abuse after the other, but just like the nasty rat you are, you scarpered once light was shone on you.

I have no idea who you are and really don’t want to.  You made sure every tweet to me included the Hassett Rd people, as you were responding to tweets I had sent them, some several days old. Maybe you are one of them or maybe just a defender of theirs  who seized on the opportunity.. Chances are you probably follow me using your usual account. Whoever you are, rest assured I’m not interested in knowing who you are.  I’ve told your employers to handle it internally and I sincerely hope you don’t get fired because when it boils down, this ain’t that serious.

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