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Venture to Hassett Road in Homerton at your own risk: White middle class warriors at war

There won’t be no  skittles for me

Fortunately for me and others, there are strict gun laws in the UK, so the probability of me ending up the way Trayvon Martin did, at the hands of  a jumped up neighbourhood watch warrior is highly unlikely, but you don’t have to have a gun or be a street thug to be dangerous and a menace.

My hesitance comes after hearing of  the E9 Residents Group desire to set up a neighbourhood watch  for their road. Great idea most of you would think. I would too, if I wasn’t aware of the recent actions of some of the yahoo’s that make up the E9 Residents group.

I ought to stress that it is just 4 core members of the group who instigate, and are responsible for the sometimes criminal behaviour, people should be aware of before backing their campaign. While their genuine followers may have reservations about a hotel on their road, these lot get a kick out of the childish and sometimes vicious acts they unleash.

Trayvone Martin was murdered by a warped jumped up neighbourhood watch goon, who saw himself as protector of his hood. Anyone George Zimmerman deemed was not acceptable, was fair game. What some members of E9 Residents group are doing isn’t that much different.

Our actions bare consequences, and I’m sure George Zimmerman didn’t set out to kill anyone that day. Had Trayvon not attacked his aggressor in anger (and it’s very understandable why he did) I believe he may still have been alive. He was killed as a result of a series of not well thought out events. So it makes me wonder just what were these E9 Resident group thinking, when they encouraged a drunk friend of theirs, to storm in to the Silk House Hotel at 3am last September, threatening and alarming guests and overnight staff.

The man raged on about not wanting “your type here”. The owners are of Asian descent. He yelled at them to get off  his street, saying he knew  what they are up to.  He accused the staff and guests of  “looking into the bedroom of little girls on the street”. In fact he repeated verbatim the same words Naveed Mir, owner of the building heard when the month before, having knocked on the Knights door on Hassett Road, to discuss their concerns about he hotel, he was met by a very belligerent couple.

Police were contacted but  the man ran off. A helicopter in the area was alerted and he was found soon after and detained. The owners of the hotel couldn’t be arsed with pressing charges (some people are like that) and the weasel  was never charged. Hotel staff have since, seen him entering one of the homes of E9 Residents member. They have also identified him as someone who works at the NHS centre on Kenworthy Road.

Since then they have been several incidences of harassment of Silk House staff and guests, which have included plastering the buildings exterior walls and doors with flyers, telling them they are not wanted in the area as well as accosting guests on their way in and out.  They have hounded hotel booking sites such as and others in an effort to get them booted off their sites. For a small budget hotel like  Silk House, these sites are their bloodline.

Sacred Heart Lodge was once a convent and later a hostel. The new owner has renamed it Silk House

The latest incident was at 2am Saturday 9 June, when Hackney Noise Abasement team showed up, after they received a complaint from someone about loud noise from the building. As usual at that time of the night there was nothing to be heard and the team chalked it up to a false report. I call it a malicious report.

Then there was the visit to Silk House by Cllr Jacobson with a Hackney Lib Dem member recently as part of an “undercover sting operation”. I mentioned it in a post on Friday. I may have been a little premature in assuming Cllr Jacobson never went there. I’ve since found out that he did visit along with another Hackney Lib Dem member, who was also a candidate in the 2010 by-election for in new River Ward.

They visited Silk House with the sole aim of luring the staff into offering them a discounted rate if they paid cash. Fortunately for them the person on duty was new and they got what they wanted, although they reported it wrong when Cllr Jacobson posted a blatant lie on Twitter:


At no time have they charged 20% to use a bank card. They levy a 2% surcharge when a credit card is used and 20% VAT. As most of you aware, banks charge a fee to process credit cards and small business often cover this by levying a surcharge. Because of the volume of credit cards used by larger businesses, they are charged much less and can afford to cover it.

I understand they are awaiting planning permission to renovate the hotel which will include en-suite bathrooms in all rooms and bring it up to standard.

Right after the visit Jacobson and his side kick were seen entering Sarah Millers home and 10 minutes later Holly Knight followed.

Cllr Chris Kennedy (Labour) is already involved with his constituents on Hassett Road and  has been advising and representing them accordingly.  So why is Jacobson and his side kick muscling into another councilors patch and then taunting the business on a social net working site?

And the Hassett Road Four? They haven’t been as vitriolic as they were when they first kicked off on social net work, although if you go back to their beginnings on Twitter, you can read especially Paul Herbert (@hassett_paul) exchanges with front woman Sarah Miller (@E9_Residents). These days Herbert rarely posts and Miller is doing her best to ingratiate herself in her attempt to be head gate keeper of all things E9 and beyond.

Some might find what I have to say hard to believe. Outwardly they appear to be nice mild mannered responsible people, which I’m sure they are. But due to my personal experience, I can tell you monsters exist within these people, the same way you see intolerable bullying and vitriol by kids on Facebook.

Their ability to carryout their acts is heightened when they have like minded buddies to bounce off. In my case it was a husband and wife team, next door (not in Hackney), who did things. People at first glance found it hard to believe, even my own sister had her doubts (she knows I can be an irritant to some people), until she saw it herself. They crossed the line when they involved my young nieces and my dogs.  That was when my fist went through the glass pane of their front door. It would not have happened if the police had done something when I asked them to. They didn’t help me.  Some people like Fiona Pinkington  was driven to suicide when the police failed her, not one to suffer fools gladly, I took the law into my own hands instead and would do it again.

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