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Cllr Jacobson revisited: Homerton and more lies

Listen I don’t mean to keep busting this fellas balls, but he’s really got a nerve. Cllr Abrahams Jacobson is also helluva hypocrite who speaks in sound bites on Twitter.  He might also be setting himself up for a defamation law suit if he continues with unsubstantiated claims made in a public domain about an entity he has no connection with.

I’m not sure what’s behind his recent tag teaming with Sarah Miller, whom I understand is behind the E9 Residents group, recently formed to shut down a low budget hotel in Homerton, but this afternoon he made some bold claims on Twitter.

* I doubt if Jacobson has ever wandered into 100 Hassett Road  so his information could only have been gleamed via another source. His new best friend Miller?

I have no idea if  they make cash deals with their guests, but I do know just about everyone else does and when asked Silk House confirmed they include 20% VAT and a 2% surcharge on credit card payments, which is pretty much in line with a lot of corner stores in Hackney..

If  Jacobson was to look closer in his and other wards in Hackney, he would realise that members of his ‘tribe’ are perpetrators of something much more perverse than giving booking discounts to cash paying clients.

It’s a well known fact that members of his “community” are big on upping rents to the maximum amount allowed by housing benefit when they realise tenant is a HB claimant. And that’s for sub-standard pig sh*t housing. So for example if the maximum allowed by Hackney Council for a 2 bedroom is £400 per week and property is advertised for £350, once aware, the prospective tenant will be advised to tell the council the rent is £400 per week instead. Ask any estate agent they’ll confirm this.

Tut tut Jacobson.

I have since been informed Cllr Jacobson did visit the building. You can read more here.

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