C’mon Councillour Abraham Jacobson quit the bitching and lies



Grow some balls and stop acting like a bitch on the rag. Your recent comment on the Hackney Citizen site is just further proof that you can not be trusted.

The fact is that it was YOU who tried to bully me into agreeing with you and your two faced, lying, hypocritical, shameless party. Contrary to what you say, I am Hackneys worst kept secret since there are people who know who I am, and I have made it quite obvious.

You know who I am too, you just prefer to stick to your regurgitated rhetoric, of  me being an ‘anonymous blogger who bullies’.

I’m still waiting for you to point out who the hell I harassed or threatened. And no I have no desire to meet you. Why should I?

Just answer my question, who the fuck did I threaten?  C’mon spit it out you yella belly.


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