Woman seriously assaulted in London Fields


Sun and frolics at London Fields Lido. Photo courtesy of Mat Attlee www.twitter.com/okwithmydecay

I have no details from the police other than a woman was assaulted in the early hours of this morning in London Fields Park.  Due to the sensitive nature of it all, they haven’t released any press info, but I’m sure there will be more revealed at some point today.

So for those of you who get ridiculously giddy and feel the need to partake in the usual summer bacchanal and meat market that is London Fields, you may be inconvenienced for a while, as part of the park is cordoned off, while detectives and forensic people do their thing.

The Lido is open and already ram packed with spiny alabaster legs and arms dangling all over.  Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than sharing space in such close proximity wearing very little, with so many people peeing in the water, but that’s how it rolls with some folks.

On a more cheerful note, at least the long suffering grass will get some respite from the barbequing fiends who burn the grass and litter the place all summer long.

What a juxtaposition huh?; police cordon, serious assault, street gangs all within yards of the chattering classes of Hackney,  £500,000+ 2 bedrooms, niche street markets, trendy shops and market stalls, a lido, a fun fair and low income housing estates. It’s life in the big city baby.

With the wave of stabbings in Hackney this week, I’m keeping my finger crossed that trigger happy wannabe scarfaces, don’t start playing shoot em up bang bang later today.

My thoughts are with the woman.

Oh and Broadway Market is open for business.

Happy sunny day everyone.


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