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Good guys don’t always finish first and “Hackneys heroine” loses

Mustafa Korel – The one that got away

It took less than 2 hours to count the votes and when it was done Hackney Central ward, had themselves another Labour Councillor after Thursdays by-election. No surprise to most that Labour’s high flying Barrister, Ben Hayhurst won, despite no one every hearing of the fella nor him living in the ward.  The people of Hackney Central ward, voted overwhelmingly for the Labour man, and he stormed in with 1893 votes. But hey, there are people in Hackney who will vote for turkeys if they had a red rosette pinned on them.

Landslide: Labour’s Ben Hayhurst

Hayhurst doesn’t live in the ward and has tried several times to kick start his political career.  In 2010, he was a labour candidate in another by-election for Springfield ward. That same year, he put himself forward for nomination in the Oldham East and Saddleworth parliamentary by-election, but wasn’t successful. However,  the folks in Labour central have him pegged as “one to watch”. He was also an  assistant to Meg Hellier at some point.

So sure of Hayhurst’s victory, his email address and a group photo of him and the wards other Labour Councillors, has featured prominently on the Hackney Central Labour blog from the moment he was nominated in March.

Mustafa Korel the Green Party’s choice, bagged 545 votes with Liberal Democrats Pauline Pearce limping in with 394 and Conservative Andrew Boff a mere 194. Watch out Labour.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Korel lives in Hackney Central and has done so for most of his life. He is also active in the community, a real stand up guy and one who genuinely wants to make life better for his neighbours. He worked his butt off and didn’t have the photo ops and TV appearances that were afforded to shouty woman nor did he have the army of volunteers the more established party’s had. Take it from me he is genuine.

Pauline Pearce, her daddy and Brian Paddick on election day

Good news is that the Lib Dem circus with shouty woman Pauline Pearce will be no more, or will it? Who knows, but for the moment, we have some respite from the atrocity of a road show, we have been forced to endure since March. It would also appear that we even may have been spared more of Pearce, as it doesn’t look like she made it to the Britain’s Got Talent live show..

Word is that Pearce was a sore loser and didn’t hang around for the results, she left in a huff, but not before she gave a tongue lashing to an opponent, who she accused of writing crap about her in a blog.

Over and out. 🙂

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