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How does the Liberal Democrats solve a problem like Pauline? (includes audio)



Outta control: Pauline Pearce

It was witnessed by passerby’s and other party stall holders. Pauline Pearce, the Liberal Democrats,choice for councilor for Hackney Central, blew a gasket last Saturday afternoon while canvassing in the Narrow Way, Mare Street. Like the other contenders, she was behind her stall with Lib Dem volunteers who are hoping their gal will win it for them, but I ‘m afraid their gal let them down real bad.

From what I’ve been told, she didn’t like what one passerby had to say to her and she let rip, complete with four letter words, she laid into the woman. But that’s not all. As the woman walked away,  Pearce followed her along the Narrow Way waving her stick like a mad woman, not much different from her drunken outburst on Clarence Road that was recorded and propelled her to You Tube infamy during last summers riots. She was still ranting and cussin’ when she returned to her stand, but this time there is no You Tube footage.

The Pièce de résistance was to come the following day on Sunday at the Hackney GLA Hustings, organized by Hackney Unites at the Arcola Theatre.  Attended by London Assembly for North East London candidates, incumbent Jennette Arnold  (Labour), Caroline Allen (Green Party), Naomi Newstead (Conservatives) and Farooq Quereshi Lib Dem Councillor from Waltham Forest.  Pauline Pearce showed up with her “entourage”, and it wasn’t long before she became belligerent and disrupted the meeting.

The event was billed as a Q&A session, but Pearce thought otherwise and insisted the format be changed. Prompted by a man who became disruptive, she followed, even yelling at fellow Lib Dem Farooq Quereshi. It was pandemonium until she left in a huff with her entourage.  According to someone that was at the hustings, Jennette Arnold recognized the disruptive man from other meetings where he had similar outbursts.

East London Lines, the Student paper for Goldsmiths College Journalism, were there and posted a recording of the outburst on their site. Being Pauline Pearce’s biggest panderers, I notice they made no mention of her presence. Nothing new. I’ve watched how they have all kissed her ass even going as far as editing comments left on their site about her. This is the future of journalism? Somethings just don’t change.

I mentioned recently how she told me to go “f**k myself”, nothing wrong with that, I’m partial to blinding profanity when it’ called for, but I’m not  looking to serve the people of Hackney. This weekends outburst just goes to show as someone put it; “A few minutes of brilliantly articulated anger is not necessary foundation for political career.

“Being shouty proves nothing more than an ability to be shouty. Hackney deserves better. Much better”.

Mustafa Korel, Green Party candidate for Hackney Central wrote about the incident on his blog:

“Anger is understandable, but how you channel that anger is the key of having your voice heard, of being taken seriously and of forming a sound argument for or against a cause.

“You cannot force people into submission through intimidation.

“Having and using the systems in place are the best ways of getting your point across. Granted, it may not be a great system, but we have to make do with what we have until we can change it. It’s all about putting things into perspective:

“We are lucky to have a democratic system that, whilst not at the height of perfection, allows us our freedoms, that allows us to live in the way we do and that does not impose sentences or executions for people who are different or who air their concerns against those in power”.

He couldn’t have said it better and it just goes to prove my point, that this woman is not ready and should not be allowed to serve the people of Hackney.

Listen to her outburst below.


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