Chris Brown and his mother wants you to pay $1000 for their puppies

Stop these two numpties from profiteering off the misery of helpless animals

I don’t care for Chris Brown and I couldn’t identify any of his music, both are not my ‘thing’.  While other hip hop entertainers are getting their “mogul on” by branching out into marketing perfumes in their names or promoting brands of heaven knows what, Chris Brown and his mother Joyce Hawkins, has decided backyard dog breeding is the way to go. Their breed of choice? Pit Bull Terriers. Mum recently announced they were in the dog breeding business on Twitter, they have call CB Breeds… imagine that.

Puppy love NOT

Both the UK and America are experiencing a sharp increase in animal cruelty cases, abandonment with shelters bursting with unwanted animals,  that it angers me to to know these two fools would do something to increase the suffering of animals.  Browns celebrity status will only encourage this careless and unnecessary breeding  of dogs. I doubt the guy is broke, so why is the thug who beat the crap out of Rhianna and is still on probation,  adding to the lore of status dogs in hip hop culture?

The trend of having a little dog on your arm or shoulder in dog carrier seems to have faded as fast as it began, and just like “status” pit bull types, shelters are seeing an increase in tiny dogs people no longer want. Let’s hope the American Kennel Club and animal charities such as the Humane Society looks into his new “business”.


As you’d expect, I told Brown and his mother what I thought via Twitter and feel quite sure Chris Brown responded, but using another Monika. I say this because every single tweet by @Mightyone2 is one defending Chris Brown, the way only a thug would defend himself.



Sure, he has been vilified in a way no other white male wife beating celebrity has, but I’m not concerned about that. If women chose to get into relationships with men of their caliber, that’s their business, I’m concerned more about the dogs he is breeding, than I am about feckless women.

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